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I CrossFit because...It's the best way to balance my passion for fitness and competition. I love that the programming constantly pushes me to learn new things and get stronger, faster, better than I was the day before. It also provides that outlet for the athlete in me. I was a Division I high jumper at the U of M, so CrossFit has allowed me to continue to train and compete like an athlete.

I coach because...I love to see the progress our members make. I like to see someone start without knowing or expecting much of themselves and realizing that they can do a pull-up, they can lift heavy, they can be strong. For me, helping women to surpass their expectations of themselves is particularly rewarding. 

My favorite workout or movement is...I love squatting - overhead, front, back, doesn't matter. Nothing like feeling you can push around a whole lot of weight. For workouts, I like the chipper model the best - straight shot, no moving in circles, one and done with each exercise.

My spirit animal is...the horse. But not like a born and bred, flashy Quarter horse. I'm more like a workhorse, like Clydesdale - not necessarily the fastest but not afraid to grit it out. More power than speed.

If I could be any food, it would be...fruit, because I'm refreshing and sweet.