Introducing Emily Field, RD and Kingfield Nutrition!

Hey Kingfield,

We are thrilled to introduce a new branch of our Kingfield services, Kingfield Nutrition! With it, comes a new face to our team, Emily Field. We've been working with Emily to help get this service off the ground and running. Now it's time to let you all get to know her a little too! Options for nutrition challenges, consults and support will be available with her help, so stay tuned for much much more to come!

If you'd like to contact Emily, you can email her at

I am so excited to be e-introduced to you all at this time. I have been working behind the scenes, planning some awesome things to come as soon as the next couple weeks!

While I am newbie to Crossfit - you may have seen me seriously struggling at double-unders and burpees - I have years of rich experience in health coaching and nutrition counseling. I have always enjoyed being active and I am loving adding Crossfit style workouts to my routine. I should just mention that I am crushing on every single one of you - your strength, power and confidence in the gym is inspiring.  

Most everyone in this space would agree that nutrition determines at least some part of your success in the gym. Good nutrition is the difference between passing out during 1000 burpees or cruising through. It underlies your ability to PR on your back squat and recover enough from last night’s MetCon to turn around and hit the 6 AM class today.

But there is a difference between sound nutrition information and bro-science - or, this-is-the-way-we-have-always-done-it “science”. Nutrition can be confusing, conflicting and often contradictory. I have lived it. And let me tell you something, if the professional is having a hard time managing their health- how the HELL can she advise someone to manage their own with conviction?

I’ll have you know, I used to eat black bean burgers on 100 calorie, whole wheat sandwich thins. I substituted margarine for butter, scoffed at bacon and held the guacamole. I had SoyJoys and FiberOnes out my ass (literally and figuratively). I subscribed to a “calories in” and “calories out” model and I rarely asked a person how they felt during our work together.

There’s a moment in life when you realize that you’ve been doing it wrong. Something. Whatever it is. There’s some internal commentary and you make a series of decisions. Now you’re choosing to forge a new path - retraining your brain, learning new skills, coping differently. Most often it’s messy and uncomfortable and hard.

I will tell you about my moment. I was standing in the middle of my tiny apartment kitchen in St. Louis, Missouri completely overwhelmed and anxiety ridden over banana bread. I had spent nearly an hour researching substitutions for butter, sugar, and egg yolks - attempting to make this traditional family recipe “healthier” by trying to make it fit within the construct of what I understood as “healthy” at the time.

I was a practicing Registered Dietitian, elbow deep in my Master’s Degree and by all accounts on my resume, “the authority” on nutrition information. But I was the farthest thing away from feeling confident in what I knew, because it wasn’t working for me.

I was hungry. and cranky. Hankry? I was fatigued and unmotivated before, during and after workouts. I was frustrated, bloated, puffy and generally, a PEACH to be around. Not.

After the banana bread meltdown, I made a decision to change my lens and get extremely critical about what I had been taught. I took a deep dive into biology and biochemistry and I surrounded myself with books, articles, podcasts, blogs. I finished my joint Masters in Public Health and Nutrition and knew I was on the right path because it clicked and I felt the fire and passion for my field once again. I now base my success on my client’s successes and I am committed to finding the right recipe to help them kill it - smash fitness goals, reverse health conditions, and generally feel bulletproof.  

I can confidently say I am a much more effective coach because I have lived the madness. I can help you forge your new health path - through that messy muck of learning new skills, viewing food entirely different or honoring the signals your body is giving you.

If my nutrition philosophy could be summed up in a few sentences, it would be this: eat the damn egg yolks and add guac whenever possible. Real, whole food is always better than food-like products. Food is SO much more than a pile of calories. And YOUR WORTH is not determined by a number on the scale or the size of your pants.  

Know, without any question or doubt in your mind which foods serve your body and lifestyle the best.

And if you need some help in doing this - finding which foods make you feel badass and sexy as hell - that’s my jam. I am incredibly excited to work alongside the talented coaches at CrossFit Kingfield. I will teach you to connect what you eat with how you feel and I will do it by providing you with practical and real life solutions. I promise I will not bullshit you; I will help you make sense of the noise and chatter that is health information today - by getting back to basics and working with a personalized approach.


XOX Emily