Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Part 1

Let’s talk about change. Have you ever thought about it? What does it look like to you? Do you have a roadmap for change - a way that you go about beginning to change? 

The community at Kingfield believes you are not stationary in the place that you are today. If you want to achieve more, be better, live fuller, you are absolutely capable of doing so and we encourage you to take steps today to get to where you want to be. The next few weeks we will be focusing on the concept of change - why we should, where to start, how to take proper assessment of ourselves and our progress. In each part of this blog series, we invite you to stew on the questions presented in order to prepare you to dive into setting goals for 2016 during our first annual Goal Setting Workshop. 

So, think of a decision you made today.  What time did you set your alarm for this morning?  What did you eat for breakfast?  Did you make time to exercise?  Did something happen during the day that has affected how you structured your evening plans?

Now, picture those same decisions multiplied by 365; those decisions that eventually became habits. How rested and energized would you feel if you woke up at this same time each day for an entire year? What would your body look like if you ate that same breakfast or decided to exercise every day for the entire year? If your reactions to events during your day become habitual responses, would you end the year more or less stressed? Would you feel supported or drained by your evening activities if you did the similar things all year long? 

The ordinary decisions you make every day are powerful. Think of it another way - each day you sit on a scale of two opposing ends: sickness and wellness. Your position can change based on the decisions you make. If you routinely make decisions that promote healthy habits it will make the difference between you feeling well - or not. It will make the difference between feeling motivated or tired, the difference between pushing through a workout with a positive mind, or succumbing to the voice that tells you that you are not good enough today. 

You can actively make routine decisions that will keep you near wellness, or you can make decisions that will that will push you towards sickness. Those routine decisions are your daily habits, and it’s those daily habits that we will focus on changing so you can achieve your goals.

This month, Kingfield will begin setting the foundation for 2016.  As a community, we believe it is important to continually focus on becoming the best version of yourself by actively setting and pursuing goals. Having a goal in mind will carry you through the days you don’t feel motivated, the days you feel like taking a break or making a decision that does not promote growth and progress. 

On December 12th we invite you to take one hour with us to focus on this idea of change in a Goal Setting Workshop.  Begin looking at the choices you’re presented every day, your decisions to be well or be sick, and your daily habits or routines. During our Goal Setting Workshop, you’ll learn how to set realistic yet challenging goals, and we’ll work together to analyze and adjust your daily habits to help your reach those goals.

2016 will be Kingfield’s biggest year yet and we’re excited to expand programs and services. Let’s express #KingfieldStrong by standing in support of each other and holding each other accountable for our unique goals.