60 Days to #KingfieldStrong: The Rub

Okay, so by now you've heard about our upcoming Challenge (or if you haven't, listen up!) but you're wondering what the heck it all entails? Admittedly we were so excited to tell you about this that we neglected to get our ideas all on paper for YOU to consume. Classic case of great ideas in the head but poor delivery on the information - we've all been there. 

But never fear! Look below and find all the info you will need to decide whether or not this 60 Day Challenge is right for you. Of course, if you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask a coach!

The Quick & Dirty

WHO?: YOU, your goals, your year, your #KingfieldStrong

When you have a group of people behind you, supporting you on your way to your goals, you can push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible.

WHAT?: Nutrition booklet with recipes and healthy eating guidelines, fitness accountability from coaches and peers, at home workouts programmed to help recovery and performance, pre- and post-challenge performance and body composition measures, support groups and seminars, protein powder and a LIMITED EDITION Kingfield Shirt upon completion of your 60 days.

WHERE?: The Kingfield community

WHEN?: Monday, February 1st through Thursday, March 31st (Note: The week of Feb. 1 is what we are calling "Prep Week" during which you'll have time to review the nutrition information, ask any questions you may have, have your pre-challenge performance and body measures taken and get your meal prep ready to rock when the challenge officially kicks off on Monday, Feb. 8th.)

COST?: $225 for the entire challenge, including everything you read above!

The Deep Dive

The Challenge will feature out-of-gym support through Facebook messaging and email to help you stay on track during your 60 day endeavor.

Pre- and post-challenge measurements for both body composition and athletic performance will help us SEE you improve.

  • Learn how to eat to: control your hormones, optimize recovery from exercise, and have sustained energy throughout the day.

  • 16 exclusive bodyweight workouts you can complete anywhere, programed by CFK coaches.

  • Daily accountability and support from a Registered Dietitian and CFK coaches via a private Challenge Facebook group.

  • Ability to attend in-person seminars every Saturday of the 60 days to ask questions regarding weekly themes and topics.

  • Access to exclusive challenge-compliant recipes for increased success via Pinterest boards and Workbook.

  • Progress assessment - We'll measure athletic performance and body composition both pre- and post-Challenge so you can see your improvement.

  • Progenex protein powder

  • Limited edition T-shirt upon completion of the challenge. Rumored to be the "gold" edition Beach Body Friday tee...

  • Personal workbook containing nutrition content, recipes, workouts and journal, sign, sealed and delivered just for you.

Your Commitment

  • Commit to elimination of trigger foods for 60 days: refined carbohydrates, sugar, inflammatory oils and alcohol (These will be specifically defined in your nutrition packet and all included recipes will be guaranteed challenge-compliant)
  •  Commit to (at least!) 3 CFK workouts and 2 at-home workouts per week

  • Commit to pre- and post-challenge assessment measures in athletic performance and body composition (We will take our pre-challenge measurement during the first week of February during "Prep Week." Post-challenge measures will be organized on the week following the challenge. Calendar of events coming soon!)

We are confident that by engaging in these effective nutrition and exercise strategies you'll notice changes in the way your body looks, feels and performs at the end of just 60 days.

#KingfieldStrong is different for every person so let's take 60 days to see what it looks like for you. We want to help you get there, we want to help YOU be #KingfieldStrong.