How Kingfield Does the Open

Last week, we introduced the Open and gave you a few reasons why you may consider participating in it this year. This week, we’ll give you some insight on how you can expect the Open to run here at Kingfield. We’ll go over logistics of the actual event and what our class training schedule will look like leading up to the Open.

Last year, for the first time, we joined the CrossFit world in participating in what has become known as Friday Night Lights. No, we’re not referring to the popular television series involving a high school football team. However, the atmosphere and the excitement do parallel that of the big game. We were determined to ramp up the participation in the Open so we decided to dedicate our Friday night 7pm class to performing the workout. We had increasing attendance each week, with the final week seeing 30 athletes through the grueling test of thrusters and burpees over the bar. Our goal is to continue that enthusiasm this year by dedicating more time and attention to the Open both in our programming and in our schedule.

This year, we plan to start warming up first heats around 5:15pm with the hope of starting around 5:45-6pm and running until everyone’s done. Not knowing what the workouts require demand that we leave a little more time to sort out logistics and make sure everyone has a chance to do the workout. Some will be shorter – the Open has seen workouts as short as 7 minutes – and some longer – the longest we’ve gone is 20 minutes! – and some take up more space and equipment and some less. Come February 24th, you can plan to spend your Friday nights with us!

Prior to the end of February you can expect a similar format to our Friday classes. While our schedule will remain the same, we will start to implement past Open workouts on Fridays. While our current structure has us learning and refining a skill and then conditioning, these Open prep Fridays will give your coaches a chance to discuss strategy, run you through an appropriate warm-up and go over more complex skills (i.e. muscle ups, C2B pull-ups, etc.) if they are present in the workout.

If you miss Friday, never fear! Saturdays at noon we will also have an Open Prep session. We’ll spend some time discussing a specific skill and/or strategy and then do one or two of the past Open workouts (we have plenty of options to choose from). These workouts will be posted (in this blog!) prior to each Saturday, so you’ll know what’s coming or, if you can’t make Saturday, you could hit it in Open gym earlier in the week.

The final thing we want to point out is what you should be paying attention to as we start into our Open prep in January. First, notice the structure of the workouts: What are the dominant movements (gymnastics, barbell, light, heavy, etc.)? What is the style (i.e. AMRAP, for time, EMOM, etc.)? How long are they? The second thing to really pay attention to is the warm-up: if you’re just warming up for a metcon, what do you focus on? In a typical class, we have a designated warm-up and then a chunk of time to continue to get warm before we go hard. And third, pay attention to the strategy lessons. Your coaches have over 15 years of experience in the Open between them. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, where to pick your battles, where to rest and where to push. They’re goldmines of information. There are no bad questions, so don’t be afraid to ask them!

Stay tuned for next week when we discuss what you should focus on to be successful in the Open and how we plan to help you along the way!

-Coach Caitlin