Recap of the American Open 2016

First, let’s congratulate our athletes Andrea and Chris for doing such an amazing job at the 2016 American Open in Orlando!  

Andrea went 4/6 with a 69kg snatch and 80kg clean and jerk, and 149 total.  The 69kg snatch and 149kg total were both competition PRs and breaks the MN state snatch and total record.  With the 80kg clean and jerk she qualified her for Nationals in May 2017!

    Chris went 5/6 with a 105kg snatch and a 135kg clean and jerk, and 240kg total.  All of these were competition PRs for him.  This is a 6kg improvement in the snatch, 1kg improvement in the clean and jerk, and a 8kg improvement in the total.  

    Also, big thanks to all of our supporters, donors, and Kingfield community for sending us to Orlando! All the donations made for stress-free travel and accommodations and Kingfield Barbell could have not done this without the help of our community!  Thanks again!

    -Kingfield Barbell