Kingfield Barbell: Looking Back at 2016

Kingfield Barbell (KB) began in October of 2015. At that time, it was myself and four other lifters. We hung out in our little corner at CrossFit Kingfield and did our thing. Fast forward to the end of December 2016, KB now has 25 active members.

When we started KB, I would have never thought that we would grow from four to 25 lifters in one year and find ourselves needing more space. When we first started, my six month goal was to have six to ten lifters total, three platforms and four weightlifting barbells. The twelve month goal was to have 15 lifters total, six platforms, six barbells and a couple national level athletes. Today, KB has 25 lifters, three platforms, six barbells and four national-level lifters!

Throughout the year, we have learned a lot about being patient. Danny, owner of CrossFit Kingfield, has consistently reminded me that it's okay to fail and to trust the process. Having confidence in our coaching ability has been key with our growth thus far. Being fairly young coaches in the sport of weightlifting, Coach Josh and I have quickly learned that communication is important in order to help our lifters get better. Understanding an athlete's strengths and weaknesses helps coaches to create well-rounded programming to fit the lifter's needs. We also want to make sure that we create a welcoming environment for all.

Some of our big events from 2016 were:

  • February - "No Crowns, Just Kilos" meet (our first USAW sanctioned meet at Kingfield)
  • March - Minnesota LWC Championships (8 lifters)
  • June - Star of the North Games (7 lifters)
  • August - Kingfield Classic (second sanctioned meet at KB)
  • September - Under 25 National Championships (3 lifters)
  • October - Minnesota Open (12 lifters)
  • December - The USAW American Open (2 lifters)

I am so grateful to be a part of the barbell club and the opportunity to work with all the lifters. I learn something new everyday and it's great to watch our athletes develop and improve overtime. They are really what makes KB so special! We would like to thank the owners of CrossFit Kingfield for allowing us to do what we do and showing us enormous amount of support and love within our first full year of business. We thank you guys very much!

It has been an exciting 2016 for Kingfield Barbell and I'm sure there are big things in store for us in 2017!

-Coach Chris