Kingfield Strength FAQ

On Monday, August 1st, CrossFit Kingfield is proud to be bringing you a whole new level of strength training. The newest face on our coaching roster, Tony Weidner, will be bringing you periodized strength training three nights a week with the goal of gaining muscle and seeing your lifting numbers go up.

If you're interested in participating, please email Coach Caitlin - - so you can get registered. We are reserving this for the first 12 athletes to request a slot and will share details with you upon this request. PLEASE read the FAQ below before committing. Coach Tony has some very specific requests to make of you as you pursue your Kingfield Strength.



What is Kingfield Strength?

At the core, Kingfield Strength is intended to be a SUPPLEMENTAL program for your Health and Fitness endeavours. The intent of this program is to add muscle mass and increase strength.


When is the program and when will it be held?

Each Kingfield Strength cycle will run eight weeks in duration, and will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6pm in the turf room.


Can I do other workouts while doing Kingfield Strength?

This is a very good question. Our recommendation is no. Of course, you are free to do what you want, but every action has a reaction. Doing additional workouts will likely diminish your results. Keep the end goal in mind. Rather than spending additional hours in the gym, reinvest that time into more sleep for better recovery, and preparing quality meals to support the addition of lean muscle mass. Trust us, we understand the desire to do more is always there for many of us, but less can be better.


What about my CARDIO!?!?

What about it? Again, lets keep the end goal in mind here…we want to add as much lean mass as possible. Cardiovascular exercise does not support this. Fortunately, cardio is relatively easy to get back. Please accept the concept that you will not be at your peak aerobic capacity by the end of the cycle. However, you will be stronger, and in the long run, be able to CRUSH your previous PR’s when you get back to conditioning.


Does my diet have to change?

Yes, a lot of attention will be focused on nutrition. Those who have successfully added large amounts of lean mass would unanimously agree that the hardest part about adding muscle is eating food; lots and lots of food. Nutrition will be a constant topic of discussion, and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction. The best results will come from keeping an accurate food log, and making minor adjustments along the way.


Why should I do Kingfield Strength?

 Muscle takes a lot of dedicated work to build. Most people are not able to do Crossfit and continually add mass. We have decided to offer this program to supplement your health and fitness. By blocking off a few weeks of the year to dedicate your time spent in the gym towards adding lean mass is very beneficial in the long run. We ask you to consider this an investment in you health. For example, having more muscle allows for more nutritional freedom because you’ll have a larger “calorie burning engine," you will become stronger which over time will increase bone density and ward off osteoporosis in your later years, muscle mass is also strongly correlated with robust immune systems. The benefits go on and on. Remember, this program should be considered an investment in your health and fitness.


How much muscle and strength can I expect to gain? I don’t want to look bulky!

This is a hard question to accurately predict because a majority of this equation will be determined by what you do OUTSIDE of the gym. Nutrition, sleep, and stress management is equally important as the exercises physically performed in the gym; age is also a factor. Realistically speaking, you could add anywhere from 3-10 pounds. What we can guarantee you is that you will NOT look like a human mutant by the end of an 8-week Kingfield Strength cycle. The “bulky bodybuilder” look doesn’t happen in eight weeks.