Open Series - Week 1: Workout and Tips

In week one of our Open Workout Series, on Friday, 1/6, during all classes at Kingfield we will be tackling:

Open Workout 11.1 (also 14.1)

10 minute AMRAP

30 Double unders
15 Power snatches (75/55)

This one is a classic. A couplet - two movements paired together for maximum effectiveness (read: discomfort?). The two elements that are going to be taxed most by this duo will be the lungs - the weight is light, the reps are moderate; there's no where to slow down the heart rate - and the shoulders - both movements are rife with rotation (as well as grip).

The two skills we see present are: barbell cycling and double unders. We'll discuss barbell cycling in a later post. Today, we'd like to come at you about your double under efficiency and offer up some tips that you can implement in preparation for Friday.

The set-up position

Good Double Unders

  • Shoulders are relaxed, midline is tight; hands are approximately level with the hips (pic. 1)
  • Hands are slightly in front of the torso, forearms are roughly parallel to the floor (pic. 2)






Bad Double Unders

  • Hands drift away from the torso, causing arms to be almost straight (shortens the rope; pic 3).
  • Shoulders are elevated towards the ears (causing shoulder fatigue earlier)
  • Hands are dropped below the hips and are inline with the legs (lengthens the rope; pic 4)

The execution

  • Start out with a few single unders; your jumping rhythm should be similar during your double under attempts.
  • Rotation should occur primarily at the wrists, then the elbows, with little to none at the shoulders.
  • Think of "flicking" your wrists at a point slightly in front of you on the floor as you jump.
  • Keep your body relaxed; don't tuck your knees to your chest or kick your heels to your butt; think hollow body position.
  • Find your rhythm - note that your hand positioning shouldn't change from the set-up outlined above to the execution. Pay attention to where your hands are and stay calm in your jumping rhythm.
  • Check out our social media for a slow-mo breakdown of the double under with Coach Amanda!