Kingfield Barbell: Results of the 2017 Spartacus Winter Open

Congratulations to our lifters, Amanda Leeman and Jake Hackl, on doing a great job at the Spartacus Winter Open this past weekend!

This was Amanda's first ever weightlifting competition. She went 6/6 with her best lifts at a 53kg snatch and a 69kg clean and jerk! She won gold in her weight class and with her total of 122kg, she also qualified for the Minnesota LWC Weightlifting Championships!

Jake went 2/6 with a 114kg snatch, 146kg clean and jerk for a 260kg total! Our goal was 260kg and we hit it. Not exactly the way we planned it out but we made it happen. Jake will also be competing at the Minnesota LWC Weightlifting Championships and he will be going to the 2017 Masters World Weightlifting Championships in April, which will be held in New Zealand! We are super excited for him!

Now, we are on to the next meet on February 4th at the Arctic Barbell Showdown. We will have about a dozen lifters competing at this meet! Following that, Kingfield will be hosting the Minnesota LWC Championships in March!

-Coach Chris