"My Open" - Caitlin McNamara

"My Open" with Caitlin McNamara

What was your first open workout that you completed?

My first official Open workout was 13.1, which is a 17 minute AMRAP of lots of burpees broken up only by sets of 30 snatches at increasing weights

*Unknowingly, I had done 12.1, the 7 minutes of burpees Danny referred to last week prior to this, but had no idea it was an Open workout.

How did it go and where did you complete it?

It was...humbling. I think I used a 35 pound bar throughout the workout - Lord knows I couldn't snatch 75 pounds at the time (the second barbell in the workout). I think I got into the round of 20 burpees but again, heavily scaled the weight. Snatches were very challenging for me at the time and I had no coaching or practice in them. I did the workout by myself at the gym I used to coach at, Fit Studios, over in St. Louis Park, where I was introduced to CrossFit by a coworker.

Why do you participate in the Open?

I have two reasons. First, I use it personally as a marker of my progress. I just recently redid 13.1 and was able to get almost through the third barbell RX'd. That's crazy. Some days, you'll look back at what you thought was impossible and you'll be doing it and that's pretty awesome. Second, the community! People show up for this stuff and I love it. I've seen so many of our athletes push to places they haven't been and try things they've never done, both in the actual workouts (like getting first bar muscle ups last year) and in the training leading up to it. It's incredible the promotion of growth that the Open inspires.

What has been your favorite Open workout?

16.4 last year was pretty rad - 13 minutes AMRAP of deadlifts, wallballs, rowing and handstand push-ups. Arguably all strengths for me so I might be a bit biased ;)

What has been your least favorite Open workout?

I don't really have a least favorite workout. I think they are all incredible tests of fitness and it's hard to dislike the creativity behind those. What I do get most frustrated with is when a movement that I KNOW will be in the Open holds me up. Up until last year, I would still find myself not dedicating the time to developing those "sticking points" that I tend to run into (high volume gymnastics, double unders, etc.). This year I'm hoping for a different story.

As a side note, the workout that made me feel the worst was 15.5 which is 27 - 21 - 15 - 9 calories on the rower and thrusters. I had a to take a full 4 minute break after the 21 calorie row before I convinced myself to finish it. Talk about a nasty combo.

What movement do you expect to see this year?

As a new movement...hmmm....maybe sumo deadlift high pulls. They have them in the judges course but we've never seen them in the Open.

Last year we didn't see box jumps, so I see those making a comeback in some capacity too. Maybe burpee box jump overs??

What movement do you hope to see this year?

Cleans baby. Forever a favorite movement. I also am a self-proclaimed wallball lover so I wouldn't be opposed to a retest of say....15.3.

For those people wondering if they should compete in the Open, what would you say to them?

Do it. Competing isn't all about being the best. It's not about puffing up your chest and strutting around the gym displaying your six-pack abs and your "Fran" time for all to see. It's about setting mini goals as you face a test and doing your damnedest to achieve those - go unbroken on thrusters? Do it. Hold a steady pace on the rower? Do it. Consistently hit sets of 5 on toes-to-bar? Do it. It's about pushing past the limits we set for ourselves. Never tried a muscle up? Give it a go. And maybe you get one! And that's pretty cool. And maybe you don't but darn it you tried it! And that's pretty cool, too. What makes all of these challenges easier are the people who surround you. So pluck up that Courage we pride ourselves on over here and come out for the Open this year! I hope to see you there!