"My Open" - Jesse Velasquez

"My Open" with Jesse Velasquez

What was your first open workout that you completed?

I joined CrossFit Kingfield the day after 14.2 was announced, so I skipped that year altogether. I started the following year with 15.1A and B, which was a nine minute AMRAP of 15 toes to bar, 10 deadlifts and 5 snatches. (weight was 115 lbs) Immediately after was a six minute cap to find a one rep max Clean and Jerk 

How did it go and where did you complete it?

I completed it at Kingfield, RX'd with I believe five full rounds in the A portion and finished with a 195 pound Clean and Jerk in the B portion. The A portion went very well, the B portion.... As many of the coaches can attest, my clean and jerk technique was terrible for a LONG time and I muscled everything up! In the first 18 months of doing Crossfit, I was scared to death of getting under the bar for a 200 pound attempt. Wow, that seemed like years ago!

Why do you participate in the Open?

Two fold answer. I'm quite competitive, specifically against myself (and often others). What better measuring stick to test your fitness out then the Open?? As odd is it sounds, I love pain and being an athlete, you have to love some form of pain to endure these workouts. Second is the community aspect. It may be a repetitive answer, but it's completely true. I LOVE performing when people are watching me, I black out and just go. Yet, I LOVE even more watching and cheering on my fellow friends and box mates. Watching how everyone reacts in stressful athletic situations and too often overcome their own fears to achieve a score they never thought was possible is what the Open and our community is all about.

What has been your favorite Open workout?

16.3. Bar muscle ups became a favorite movement of mine last year. Combine that with light snatches in a seven minute AMRAP and it's fit for a me. Short and intense! (How I'm built and how I like my workouts)

What has been your least favorite Open workout?

Geez, I injured myself in the '15 open and missed out on 15.5 which looks quite horrifying. Rowing and thrusters with high volume, no thanks! I'll go with 16.1, while toes to bar and chest to bar are movements I like, Anything with a barbell over my head which requires me to walk or squat with it is a nightmare. Walking 25 foot overhead lunges, while at a manageable weight, became miserable about halfway through a 20 MINUTE AMRAP! The time duration alone made it awful, but you add overhead lunges?? I couldn't walk for three days after that workout.

What movement do you expect to see this year?

I think box jumps will be brought back and for a new movement: How about burpee box jump overs?? That's how the box jump will be brought back.

What movement do you hope to see this year?

Give me an AMRAP of double unders, bar muscle ups and deadlifts! Dave Castro, make this happen!

For those people wondering if they should compete in the Open, what would you say to them?

The CrossFit Kingfield community is amazing, specifically the coaches. They have gotten us through movements that were foreign when we started and workouts we never thought we could complete. Why not take one more leap? Let them and your peers guide you through five weeks of one workout each week. Granted it's intense, but it can be scaled for any skill level and you will have an unbelievable amount of support from the Kingfield community while you're doing the workout. The atmosphere is indescribable, which is why you should fill this out next year and tell someone who has never done the open before why they should compete! It's an absolute adrenaline rush and you won't be in this alone. Enjoy the process and have fun. Everyone around you has your back and you'll be quite surprised how unintimidating the workout is when you have so many others supporting you. Just do it!