Interested in participating in this year's CrossFit Open? Wondering how to get signed up? Worried you might miss one or two of the workouts? Never fear! You've come to the right place. Please read on below to find the answers to your questions and a little more insight on what we have planned for the Open this year.

  • What is the Open?

Still wondering what all this Open stuff is about? Here's the skinny: The Open, introduced to the CrossFit world in 2011, is the first of a three step process to get to the CrossFit Games (you may have seen them on ESPN or heard your friends talking about people like Rich Froning or Chris Spealler or Annie Thorisdottir or Camille Leblanc-Bazinet). The Games are where the sport of CrossFit annually crowns the fittest man and woman on earth. 

That is the end game, however, and has little to no effect on our Open. We celebrate the Open for two major reasons: community and a progress check. First, you'll see folks come into their own during the Open. The challenges we face, just like every day in the gym, are immeasurably more bearable with our friends and family by our side. Kingfield is about just that: the common bond we all share in facing these challenges. The energy you feel on Friday nights during the Open is incredible. Your friends will cheer for you, push you on when you think you can't do any more. We've managed to replicate it a little during our Open Prep Fridays but you'll have to come out for the real thing to truly understand what we mean. In the Open, we also can better see the global community we are a part of, just by doing CrossFit. You'll be able to see how people from all of the world are performing, taking on the same workouts that you do.

Second, that progress check is a necessity for us to keep improving. Stagnation in health and fitness is a killer. We all know this. We've all tried something that eventually becomes stale and we lose our motivation and our muscles. CrossFit guards against that by providing challenges (workouts, movements, lifts, etc.) that push us to keep improving. There are people who have done CrossFit for years and are still trying to develop a new skill or PR an old lift. The Open gives us a predictable (in it's timing on the calendar, certainly not in it's tasks) retest point each year. 

  • How will Kingfield run the Open?

The workouts are released each Thursday evening around 7PM starting February, 23rd. We will watch the reveal at the gym (you can hang around if you want to and watch with us) and post the workout to our social media that night. We will also post the scaling options for the workout as well as heat times.

We will formally run the workouts beginning at 5pm on Friday evenings. Formal means that you will complete the workout alongside other members with a judge to help you keep track of reps and coach you through the workout. Those who sign up will be organized into heats (we will have a weekly sign-up sheet put out on Mondays so that you can select your preference on heat times). Coaches will lead athletes through a warm up and strategy briefing before each heat (~20 minutes), assign judges and then run the workout. The minimum number of heats would be 3, essentially at the top of each hour. If we need more heats, which is likely, we will post the schedule early on Friday morning so you can plan accordingly. 

Remember that we never know how long or how involved each of the workouts are until Thursday night. We will do our best to make sure things run very smoothly once you step into the gym on Friday nights.

  • What if I know I'll miss a day(s)?

No worries! You can still participate. We will not require our athletes to do all of the Open workouts. If a few weekends work but one or two (or three!) don't, we still want you here when you can be here. We will have a sign up sheet at the gym to let us know which weekends you plan to take on the workout with us.

On another note, if you'll be traveling and still plan to complete the workout wherever you'll be, that still counts! Take a pic and tag us (@crossfitkingfield) so we know you did it!

  • What if I don't know what division I'll compete in?

That's what your coaches are here for! If you're still unsure, ask to chat with one of us about how you should approach the Open. Just because you can't do Rx'd doesn't mean you can't participate. Just like every class workout you've ever done with us, CrossFit provides ways of scaling and altering the workout to suit everyones ability levels.

Also, we will NOT require athletes to complete ALL workouts within one division. So maybe you do the first two weeks scaled but then the third week, you get a fastball down the middle. The movements are right in your wheelhouse for Rx'd. Then by all means, do it!

Make sure you discuss with your coaches before each workout. Ultimately, it's not worth going well outside of our means but pushing the boundaries here and there is encouraged.

  • What if I can't come on Friday night? Will there be other times to complete the workouts?

Yes! We will continue to have the noon hour on Saturday's as a "scheduled" time to complete the Open workouts. We will have judges available at this time to complete the workout. You can also ask coaches if they'll help you through it during a non-class (open gym) time. We can't guarantee our schedule but we will try to be as accommodating as possible. Athletes will have the same duration as CrossFit allows for scoring submissions - Thursday after the announcement to the following Monday at 5PM CST - to complete the workout.

Remember that we will NOT be running the Open workouts all day on Friday, only starting at 5PM (Open gym will be abbreviated on Fridays in the main space). Perhaps, if demand is high enough, we'll be able to do so next year :)

  • What if I can't stick around after I do the workout?

Never fear. We don't expect you to stay if you do the workout at 5:30pm until 8:30 that night. However, we would love your energy and heart and we know your fellow athletes would too! We understand that it can get to be a long night but what else are you gonna do on a Friday night? Amiright?

  • How do I volunteer to be a judge?

We will need judges! People who will volunteer to help individual athletes count their reps, hold them to the standards of movement prescribed by CrossFit and encourage them throughout the workout.

There is a judges course online that you can take if you want to learn more about judging an Open workout. All of our coaches will have taken this course and if you are submitting scores to CrossFit.com during the Open, you will need someone who has completed the course to be your judge. Head here if you're interested in getting certified for this year.

However, we will NOT require that you take the judges course. Before every workout we will brief the judges on movement standards and provide rep sheets for tracking your athlete's progress. We know that not everyone is participating to submit a score, so we don't need official judging for every athlete. Just a willing and enthusiastic volunteer!

  •  How do I sign up?

There is a sign-up sheet at the gym, just inside the glass doors next to the jump ropes. This initial sheet is for you to put your name down if you plan to participate! As we get closer, we will have weekly sign up sheets regarding each workout and heat times. This sign up sheet will also have a slot to indicate if you're willing to be a judge during the Open. 

We will leave this sheet up for the next two weeks! By then, we will start to formulate teams for the Open. With your team, you will get points for completing the workouts, for judging workouts, for participating in the theme of the night. Your teammates are your accountability partners. Can't make Friday night? Recruit the gang and judge each other through the workout on Saturday during Open Gym. We'll have a few prizes throughout the Open with a grand prize at the end for most team points.

Finally, we'll finish out the last Open Friday with a social! We'll do it potluck style as a celebration of making it through the five weeks of Open tests! It's a great cap to kick off our training year!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!