"My Open" - Danny Yeager

On Fridays, we will feature our Kingfield athletes and coaches as they share their experiences in the Open. Some have done many, some only one. We hope to provide some insight and a personal touch to the event - keep your eyes and ears open for your chance to share your experience!


"My Open" with Danny Yeager

What was your first open workout that you completed?

The first open workout I completed was 12.1 which was 7 minutes of burpees to a 6” target.

How did it go and where did you complete it?

I got 84 burpees in seven minutes and completed the workout at the Calhoun Beach Club where Amanda and I were working at the time .

Why do you participate in the Open?

I participate in the Open because I love to be a part of the community. It is always fun seeing how you measure up against your friends and how you have improved over the years. Each year I think it is important to participate not matter how prepared you might think you are. Yes, the workouts hurt. But I do believe that you learn a lot about yourself and the people that support you during those five weeks.

What has been your favorite Open workout?

15.4. Nothing better than power cleans and handstand push ups for me.

What has been your least favorite Open workout?

14.5 which was also 16.5. The workout is for time: 21 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3 thrusters and bar-facing burpees. There is really nowhere to go in this workout. Once the clock says go, it doesn’t stop until you are finished.

What movement do you expect to see this year?

Burpee bar muscle-ups.

What movement do you hope to see this year?

Lots of handstand push-ups.

For those people wondering if they should compete in the Open, what would you say to them?

They should absolutely compete. At Kingfield, we only want to stress participation. It truly is about the experience of working out together, not the leaderboard. Life has its time and place for competition, and there will be plenty of that during the Open. However, it is more about the community than anything else and the Open is a great example of that year in and year out.