"My Open" - Meg Johnson

"My First Open" with Meg Johnson

How did you find out about the Open? 

I heard some people talking about it at the gym…every day…for the past several months.

What was your first open workout that you completed (one from class or perhaps you've done one before we started this cycle)? 

I do not recall the first one. This morning we did Burpilicious (7 minutes of Burpees) and that is my favorite one to date.

How did it go and where did you complete it? 

It was fun, but I think I can do more and would like to try again very soon. I did it at Kingfield at 5:15am, February 3, 2017.

Why are you participating in the Open? 

There are 100 reasons but my top three are: 1. I want my daughter to see that this is what we do and we can do hard things. 2. I find the Open quite intimidating and doing things that scare me give me a huge rush. 3. I think about the tough workouts I have done when I race… it makes the racing easier so like “You can do this, you have done 100 wall-balls before you got this” or “At least this isn’t double unders”. Something tells me these workouts will give me a lot to draw from mentally (and physically) in my races this year!

What would be your favorite Open workout? 


What would be your least favorite Open workout? 

Anything with big weights over my head combined with double unders.

What movement do you expect to see this year? 

Big weights over my head combined with double unders.

What movement do you hope to see this year? 

Lot’s o’ box jumps, pull-ups, burpees, rowing…it would be cool if we could run.

For those people wondering if they should compete in the Open, what would you say to them? 

Join me! I promise to cheer for you uncomfortably loud… in a very high voice. That which does not kill us makes us way harder to kill :)