"My Open" - Chris Yang

"My Open" with Chris Yang aka Yangbang

What was your first Open workout that you completed?

My first CrossFit Open was 13.1, I believe.  The one with all the burpees and snatches. 

How did it go and where did you complete it?

I did not get very far.  I had just started CrossFit 6 months ago and was very bad a snatching.

Why do you participate in the Open?

I originally participated in the Open because I wanted to test myself and I also like competition.  Now, I participate because I enjoy working out and being around everyone else who wants to do it.  It's like playing backyard football.  Just a bunch of people doing what they love with who they want to, and then possibly whoop some ass.  (CAITLIN:  You don't have to put that last part in. Haha).

What has been your favorite Open workout?

My favorite Open workout so far, was one of last year's workouts.  It had bar muscle-ups and snatches.  Two movements of which I am decent at... and it was also only 7 minutes.

What has been your least favorite Open workout?

My least favorite Open workout is 14.5 with the thrusters and bar facing burpees.  It sucked so bad. I wanted to die. Even the Backstreet Boys could not help me.

What movement do you expect to see this year?

I expect to see some heavier thrusters.

What movement do you hope to see this year?

I hope to see more of those overhead lunges they had last year.  They weren't too bad.

For those people wondering if they should compete in the Open, what would you say to them?

If you are wondering if you want to compete in the Open or not, you should!  It's all for fun, and if you want you can take it serious too.  You have nothing to lose and you will have fun, either doing the workout yourself, watching others suffer, or just hanging out.  It's all fun!  So if you're not doing anything on those Friday nights, come join us!