Recap of the 2017 Arctic Barbell Showdown

Photo courtesy of: Ryan Goiee

Photo courtesy of: Ryan Goiee

First and foremost, as a coaching staff we’d like to say, “congrats” to all of our lifters who competed at the Arctic Barbell Showdown this past weekend in Woodbury.
Below is a full recap of how each athlete performed and the totals they accumulated.

In the first session, Jo Gruenewald, Samantha Chin, Maddie Meyers, and Christie Anderson competed.

Jo: 42kg snatch, 54kg clean & jerk, and a 96kg total
Samantha: 46kg snatch, 63kg clean & jerk, and a 109 total
Maddie: 57kg snatch, 68kg clean & jerk, and a 125 total
Christie: 56kg snatch, 63kg clean & jerk, and a 119 total

In the second session, we had Hunter Noble, Croy Boudreau, and Neel Jaiswal.

Hunter: 75kg snatch, 98kg clean & jerk, and a 173 total
Croy: 75kg snatch, 96kg clean & jerk, and a 171 total
Neel: 95kg snatch. (Clean & jerks did not go as planned)

In the third session, we had Sarah Houle and Mariah Rooney.

Sarah: 61kg snatch, 69kg clean & jerk, and a 130 total
Mariah: 68kg snatch, 87kg clean & jerk, and a 155 total

In the final session, we had Phil Putratz and Ryan Kiernan.

Phil: 100kg snatch, 134kg clean & jerk, and a 234 total
Ryan: 105kg snatch, 115kg clean & jerk, and a 220 total

In total we had 11 athletes who competed for Kingfield Barbell, making it the biggest turnout for our club to date. We had several athletes who hit competition Personal Records (PRs) and seven lifters who placed "Top 3" in their weight class. Additionally, two athletes qualified for the MN Local Weightlifting Committee (LWC) Championships at the end of March (which will take place at Crossfit Kingfield).

We’d also like to take a minute to thank our coaches; Chris, Josh, and Danny for working hard this weekend, and of course, thank you to our AWESOME Kingfield community who came out to support the Kingfield Barbell Athletes!

- Kingfield Barbell