17.3 Briefing + Heat Times

So we finally get ourselves a barbell. Who's ready for some snatches? Heat times for 17.3 tonight are posted below. If you absolutely cannot go where I've scheduled you, let me know ASAP! REMEMBER: these are your start times! Please arrive early enough to warm-up (20-30 minutes) prior to your listed heat time!

We know this one is a little confusing (at least the announcement was). We're hoping this written version makes a bit more sense:

Open Workout 17.3

Prior to 8 minutes, complete:

3 Rounds of:
6 Chest-to-bar (C2B)
6 Squat snatches (95/65)

3 Rounds of:
7 C2B pull-ups
5 Squat snatches (135/95)

*Prior to 12 minutes, complete:

3 Rounds of:
8 C2B pull-ups
4 Squat snatches (185/135)

*Prior to 16 minutes, complete:

3 Rounds of:

9 C2B pull-ups
3 Squat snatches (225/155)

*Prior to 20 minutes, complete:

3 Rounds of:

10 C2B pull-ups
2 Squat snatches (245/175)

*Prior to 24 minutes, complete:

3 Rounds of:

11 C2B pull-ups
1 Squat snatch (265/185)

*Scaled will sub JUMPING CHIN-OVER-BAR pull-ups for C2B and the weights are as follows:

6's - 45/35
5's - 75/55
4's - 95/65
3's - 115/75
2's - 135/95
1's - 155/105

A few quick notes on the workout:

1. You must complete the given amount of work within the time cap to add more time. For example, I have to complete 3 rounds of 6/6 & 3 rounds of 7/5 before 8 minutes. If I do, lucky me, I get 4 more minutes (my workout is now 12 minutes long no matter what). If you complete your set work before the time cap, you may continue immediately into the next set - you DO NOT have to wait for the end of the work period. For example if I complete my final squat snatch at 95 (the second weight) at 7:15, I have essentially bought myself an extra 0:45 seconds in addition to the 4 minutes added because I beat the cap.

2. We know this is confusing. Your judge will help direct you through the workout so if it's not making sense right now, you'll be okay. Just listen to your judge.

3. Warm-up! We have a specific warm-up listed below. It starts with some general mobilizing followed by a warm-up for the snatch and pull-up that you would generally see in class.

We will be giving you a few minutes before your heat starts to do some snatching in your workout space. We do encourage that you do some snatching in the turf room as well. DO NOT DROP BARBELLS ON THE RUBBER FLOOR IN THE TURF ROOM! You may only snatch on the turf and we're going to have to share - Endurance has a class at 5:30pm so we need to be courteous of them. There will be a marked out area where you can snatch - DO NOT go out side of that area!

17.3 Warm-up

1 round for quality

10 Groiners per side (runner's lunge position)
5 Bootstraps (finger tips under toes, pull into squat position)
10 squat thoracic rotations per side
5 PVC passthroughs
10 pause OHS w/PVC
5 PVC passthroughs in the bottom of your squat

2 rounds for quality

10 bar kips
3 muscle snatches
3 snatch balances
3 squat snatches
*All snatch movements should be done with an empty barbell.

Between Round 1 & 2, do a 3-5 pull-ups. Add light weight to the bar for the second round if desired.

After these series, start to work up in sets of 1-3 reps on the snatch. Couple this with small sets (1-4 reps) of C2B pull-ups.

We would recommend that you work close to your final weight that you think you will hit. If you think you will get to barbell that you have never snatched before, you may work up as close to that weight as you can. However, we would recommend building only as high as you can make the lift in warm ups. This keeps confidence high and doesn't reinforce bad patterns. Let the adrenaline of the workout carry you to that heavier barbell if you get the chance.

4. Do I do Rx'd or scaled? First, and easiest of all, 

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

The snatch is the MOST complex of all the barbell movements we do. If you haven't been doing this very long, there's not much that's going to have you snatching in that Rx'd weight category during this workout. We would say 1 year or less, let's still to scaled.

So you've been doing this for more than a year. Next question: what is your goal? If you want to keep moving and perhaps have a slightly longer workout, scaled will be a better option (we will allow scaled athletes to do kipping chin-over-bar pull-ups if they have them). If you want to perhaps spend some time staring at a barbell, taking more time to catch your breath because snatching at a high heart rate sucks, then perhaps Rx'd is for you.

Those two questions should really determine your division for this workout. If you're still unsure, please arrive with enough time to discuss with a coach about what will be best for you today.

5. This workout is going to be very hard. These are two pulling movements, two grippy movements and the weight gets heavy fast. There will be few of us that will make it out of that first 8 minutes, and fewer still that will make it past 12 minutes. We're not trying to deter you. We just have enough experience with these things to know the reality. A few pointers that might help you get further than you think you can:

a) Break. It. Up. Seems to be a theme in the Open, huh? There's zero shame in doing singles on the snatches OR the pull-ups. Save the grip and catch your breath between reps.

b) Take your time. Allow yourself a deep breath before your snatches especially as the load gets heavier. Trust your training.

c) Keep your focus on the rep in front of you. Don't worry about the clock, don't worry about how much you still have to get done. Just keep yourself moving.

That's all we have for now. We will see you all tonight! Good luck!