OPEN SERIES - WEEK 11: Building your Granite Games Team

We posted last week about a few local competitions that can get you out of our gym and into the community that CrossFit allows us beyond our four walls. This can be a great opportunity, just like the Open is, to set goals, test progress and, quite frankly, feel pretty badass while you show of some of that courage you've been building.

Registration for GameDay Mankato opened today so if you're wanting to get in on that comp, best to head here right now with your team in tact. You can also compete individually both scaled and Rx'd. 

The big hitter every year is Granite Games, the St. Cloud-based competition. You truly feel like an athlete when you participate here. Three days, at least six events (I think last year we did eight or nine!), athletes from all over the world and a pretty great test of how well-rounded you are in skills, strength and conditioning, the Granite Games provides a pretty sweet competitions experience.

Here's the kicker (and the main and only point of our blog post today): registration is in ONE MONTH. That's right. You have one month from right now to decide if you: a) can compete that weekend (September 8-10th) b) who you want to compete with (teams of 3, all male or all female) and c) what division you want to try to compete in (elite, AsRx, Intermediate, scaled, Master's 35+). These are sometimes tough decisions, so let's break them down:

a) Can you compete that weekend? 

There are actually two questions here. Yes, availability is the first - the competition is the second weekend in September and the actual competition dates are Friday, Sept. 8th - Sunday, Sept. 10th. This is an ALL DAY thing so you will have to take work off on Friday and there is usually a briefing on Thursday night. You're likely looking at staying in St. Cloud for three nights. If you can't go, you can't go. We know it's a lot of time to commit.

The other, and often equally important question, is are you willing to make the investment. Granite Games registration is roughly $200 per athlete on a team of 3. Add in the $25 qualifier fee (you have to do the qualifier) and hotel cost (unless you have an awesome friend or relative in the St. Cloud area that may want to house your sweaty ass for the weekend), and you're likely looking a $500 weekend.

*A second note: If you are wanting to compete and would stay in a hotel, we recommend that you book now! There's a really good chance that most hotels in the vicinity are already booked that weekend. This is a huge competition and most folks have had their rooms booked since the end of last year's GG.

b) Who do you want to compete with?

Have a training buddy you like catching class with at Kingfield? Ever watch someone doing one of the Open workouts and think "It'd be fun to be on a team with them?" Grab your friends, your enemies or frenemies (whatever the kids say these days) and build a team.

We are not entirely certain but are guessing that you will have to have your team of 3 determined when you sign up for the qualifier this year. Even if you don't, better to know than leave it to chance that you'll end up on a team. If you have a triplet you'd like to compete with, great. If you don't, that's okay too!

Here's what we're going to do: much like the Open, we are going to post a sign-up sheet for Granite Games. What you need to do is read this blog, answer these questions and put your name down if you're in. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TEAM, never fear! We are more than happy to help build teams if you're currently riding solo. If you have a team, we will have you indicate as such and list your teammates. We will build teams based on a few things: ability level and personality. We're going to set you up for success by putting you in an appropriate division AND with people who you will work well with. Our goal is to have this be an awesome experience for our gym as a traveling troupe. We're going to go out and take on the world together.

c) What division do you want to compete in?

A word of advice: don't sell yourself short but don't underestimate this competition. Here's the best reference point we can give for the divisions (as far as we know them):

Intermediate - It's like our Rx'd for class. If you can do most of our workouts Rx'd and perform the majority of gymnastics movements (C2B pull-ups, TTB, HSPUs, pistols, etc.), this is likely the division for you. We had 6 (?) of our 9 teams last year compete Intermediate.

AsRX - Above and beyond our regular class prescriptions. You can do things like muscle ups, handstand walking, legless rope climbs and handle loading that is heavier than our standard prescribed weights for reps. If this is your first competition, we do not recommend this division, no matter how awesome you are! This is also a division where the balance across team members is key - as long as you have one teammate who is proficient at a high level skill, you are usually okay.

Scaled - Great division if you're just starting out. Gives you that competition feel without you having to worry about whether or not you can do a movement when you get out on the floor. 

Elite & Master's 35 - These two divisions are new to us this year so we can't speak too much about them. I'm assuming we'll find out more once registration opens.

*A note about divisions: it is unclear at this time if our qualifier scores predetermine our division. My guess is that you will selected scaled or Rx'd for the qualifier (the workouts will be like the Open, with two different weight and movement prescriptions). Then based on how you score in those two division breakdowns, they will categorize you further. I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THIS. There is very little information on how the additional divisions will work, as well as how the qualifier works this year. Just know that you have to participate in the qualifier to compete at the Granite Games.

We will keep you posted on new information as it comes up. For now, look for the Granite Games Interest Sheet in the gym or talk to a coach about competing. Qualifier registration is April 17th, 2017 so we would like to have most of our details worked out by then! Start asking around, building your team or figuring out if this is a good option for you. There's something for everyone!

-Coach Caitlin