17.4 Briefing + Heat Times

Who guessed it? I know many of you were starting to think this might the retested workout we see this year. We did this one not so long ago in class so if you want to brush up on the strategy, click here. Here is the workout:

Open Workout 17.4

13 minute AMRAP

55 Deadlifts
55 Wallballs
55 calorie Row
55 Handstand push-ups


Deadlift (Rx'd is 225/155, Scaled is 135/95)
Wallballs (Rx'd is 20# to 10ft. target/14# to 9ft. target, Scaled is 20# to 9ft target/10# to 9ft. target)
Handstand push-ups become hand release push-ups for Scaled

Major Takeaways

  1. It's a lot of deadlifts. Break them up. Sets of 5 are always a good approach.
  2. Breathe on the wallballs and the rower. Push the pace but not so fast you spiral out of control.
  3. We WILL be measuring out HSPU lines tonight. This will be the FIRST thing you do with your judge. This standard is tough. Focus on a strong kip right out the bat and break things into small manageable sets. Once they're gone, they're gone and there's no cheating with the standard for this workout.

Below are the heat times for this evening. NOTE: many of you did not fill out the spreadsheet. Your name is in italics. If you cannot come where I put you or you are not coming at all, let me know ASAP. Due to the nature of the workout, we were able to condense heat times too. I kept everybody as close to their requested time slot as possible. Please let me know if I've moved you somewhere you absolutely cannot make the workout. This one is more fun in a bigger group, hence the consolidation.

Remember, your listed heat time is your start time. Please arrive with enough time to warm-up prior to the time listed. We have provided a specific warm-up below. There will be two rowers left in the turf room to warm-up on. The big priority here is the deadlifts and the handstand push-ups.

17.4 Warm-up

2 minute easy row

2 Rounds of:
10/side banded side steps + 10 banded good mornings
10 top of a push-up shoulder retractions
5 DB squat press outs
3 Wall walks w/5 second pause at the top

3 rounds of:
5 Deadlifts*
5 wallballs
0:10 second HS hold

*Round 1, use 50% workout weight; Round 2, use 60%; Round 3, use 75%

When you get into the gym right before you start, you will have roughly 5 minutes. First, you will be briefed by a coach. Second, you will find your judge and measure out your HSPU line if necessary (we will allow ab mat pads; we care more about you than your score). Third, work your way through:

3 Deadlifts at workout weight
5 Wallballs
5 calorie row
3 HSPUs or HRPUs

That's all we have! Looking forward to another packed house tonight. This one's going to be fun!

-Coach Caitlin