OPEN SERIES - WEEK 12: Wrapping It All Up

Well, we've almost made it! This is the last week of the Open season. We're twelve weeks deep into the year. We have had a great time each Friday night having you all out to complete this year's tests of fitness. Our Friday nights will soon go back to our regularly scheduled programming and announcements of the Open will die away. You've done it. You've made it. But our question to you is:

What are you going to do about it?

How are you going to use this experience to make you better? How did it make you better and what can you do now to ensure that you continue to get better? Here's our two cents:

  1. Make a list. Write down all the things in the Open you were good at.
  2. Make a second list. Write down all the things in the Open you were not-so-good at.
  3. Stare at these lists for a while. Your goals will emerge. You may have three or four or you may have one. The quantity doesn't matter. But perhaps a good place to start would be to, by this time next year, be able to move at least one thing from the "not-so-good at" column into the "good at" column.
  4. Develop a plan to attack these goals. Ask your coaches. YouTube drills and information. Spend a little extra time at home on mobility (RomWOD anyone?) or invest in your nutrition.
  5. Get after them.

Remember, we aren't hyper competitive CrossFitters. Your score on the Open workouts isn't a big deal to us. What does matter to us is constant improvement. Constant pursuit of a better version of yourself. If you're motivated by where you end up ranking in the Open within our Region or State, then let that drive you. Let that frame your goals. If you're motivated by not heaving a huge sigh when chest-to-bar pull-ups show up because you know they will be a struggle, then let that drive you. Whether it's double unders, or muscle ups, or snatching 135, let that drive you.

But keep in mind: goals are always best set when the outcome is completely within our control. Getting better at double unders takes practice. YOU can control that. Improving your snatch technique takes more than just the 12-15 minutes we get a week in class. Come to weightlifting on Sundays. YOU can control that. Finishing top 100 in the state of Minnesota...well, there's a lot of people that do the Open and your scores might not edge out those other 99 really, really good athletes. You CAN'T control that. 

We strongly encourage these goals you write down be about self-improvement, about being better next year than you are now. For the sake of fun, write them down. Save them on your phone. Whatever you need to do to keep them safe. And then, next year, when the Open rolls around, pull them out. Read them over. Can you move those "not-so-good at" things over into the "good at" list?

Our hope is a resounding YES.

-Coach Caitlin

P.S. On Friday, we will have food and goodies to celebrate making it through the Open 2017! Please feel free to bring something to share!

We will also be making the quick transition to get the space ready for the MN State Weightlifting Championships on Saturday. If you are able, it would be greatly appreciated to have as many hands as possible available to help reorganize the room in preparation for the meet. Again, we will feed you!

Thanks guys, and congratulations on completing a great Open!