17.5 Briefing + Heat Times

Who is ready for this one?! This is going to be a shoulder BURNER.

Open Workout 17.5

10 Rounds for time

9 Thrusters (95/65)
35 Double unders

*Scaled: 65/45, same number of single unders

Here's the deal guys: we know there is a 40 minute time cap. That is a long time. If you want to do this workout to the 40 minute time cap, then we are going to recommend that you do it at some point in Open gym. We are allowing a 30 minute cap for Friday Night Lights due to time constraints. As always, we stress that you choose the version of the workout that best meets your goals. Please talk with a coach if you're unsure which level to do the workout at. We will allow athletes to perform the workout at the Rx'd weight but with single unders.

Here's how tonight is going to work: we have scheduled you into longer blocks (30 minutes for the workout, 5 minutes to transition. As always, we expect you to show up early so you can get through a good warm-up (listed below). Tonight, we are asking that you show up at least 30 minutes early from your scheduled heat time (except for the first heat). There's a good chance that heats will finish before the 30 minute cap that we're setting for tonight. For example, if I am in heat 2, scheduled to start at 5:50pm, I need to arrive at 5:20pm and be ready to go by about 5:35 because the first heat might finish early and therefore my heat can start at 5:40-5:45pm. More than likely we'll stay right on schedule but it's hard to know with this workout as finish times can vary widely.

Please review your heat time carefully below! If you DID NOT fill out the sheet you are italicized. If you need to change your heat time, please contact me ASAP. For those of you planning on doing the workout on Sunday, I will send a separate email so we can try to find a good time for everyone to come in and get it done. Here are Friday night heat times:

We recommend the warm-up below. If you know you need more time to mobilize, make time for that before or while you work your way through this warm-up. Shoulders are going to be the major limiter here, so make sure they're loose!

17.5 Recommended Warm-up

2 rounds
0:20 second supinate grip bar hang
0:20 wrist stretch on the floor
6/side thoracic rotations
20 lateral band step over
4 single-arm DB thrusters @ light
20 single unders

3 rounds
3 thrusters, working to workout weight
10 double unders

How should you approach this bad boy? Well it's kind of up to you. It's a lot of rounds but relatively low rep count per round. Don't discount the total volume though. If you come out of the gate hot, more than likely you're going to burn out half way through. Find a consistent pace at the beginning that allows you to breathe. Further into the workout is when you can push the pace (round 6 or later) if you still have gas in the tank. Two major keys:

  1. Find your rhythm on the thrusters. You should be able to settle into unbroken sets but that doesn't mean do them faster than you can breathe. You're going to save more time moving steadily and breathing consistently through all nine reps unbroken than trying to go too fast and having to go 5-4 later in the workout.
  2. Take a deep breath before you start double unders. It is more costly to miss on the jump rope than it is to take an extra second or two before you start your set. Walk from the barbell to the rope, take a few deep breaths and start when you're ready.

Finally, we will have pulled pork and chicken sandwiches after the workout tonight as well as chips, guac and cookies! If you want to bring something else to add to the party, that would be awesome! We'll be transitioning from Friday Night Lights to the Minnesota State Championship Weightlifting meet - any help you'd like to give will be much appreciated!

Looking forward to closing out this year's Open strong! See you all tonight!

-Coach Caitlin