Training Goals 2017: Anybody up for a run?

So the Open is over. You won't have to hear us chirping about it every time you're in class and you can come in on Friday nights again for regular programming. The excitement is over.

Not really. For those of you that participated or perhaps even watched or kept hearing about it, your training year has just begun! Last week, I challenged you to write down some goals. You didn't have to do the Open to participate in this exercise. Maybe you've seen something in class or kept seeing about a certain skill or movement on social media and you want to be able to do it. Well, guess what? This year, we are all about facilitating your pursuit of your goal. Today, I am going to outline one way in upcoming weeks (and months) that we plan to do this.

Our next big event on the horizon is "Murph." If you don't know Murph, we would encourage you to come out and get to know arguably the most famous CrossFit Hero workout of all time. Gyms around the nation complete this workout on Memorial Day (Monday, May 26th this year...and we know you have work off so no excuses!) to honor the fallen service men and women of our country's military. It is a small, small way that we pay tribute to those who protect our freedom. For those that are unfamiliar, the workout is as follows:


For time:

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air squats
1 mile run

*The runs must be performed in full at the beginning and end of the workout. The work in the middle may be partitioned any way, as long as it is completed before the second mile is run. 

If you have a 20 lb. weight vest, wear it.

That's a lot. It's a lot of pull-ups, it's a lot of push-ups, it's a lot of squats. It's also a lot of running on these Minnesota winter legs that have done nothing but rowing and double unders for the past few months...

To combat that, starting that the beginning of May, I am going to start leading Kingfield "Track Tuesdays." at 5:30pm on Tuesday nights, we will meet up to do some running. Every week will vary: intervals, long runs, time trials, stairs, hills...sometimes we might even go crazy and bring the sleds and sandbags wherever we're going because who doesn't want to get scathing looks from onlookers? 

At the start, we will simply meet at the gym and head down to the Greenway. High school track season is still in full swing in May so we will defer the track to them until school is out. It works out well anyways, as Murph is a longer run and most of us just need to get our legs under us for a sustained period (myself included). We will warm-up together, I will explain the workout and the objectives and then we'll get started. It will be just like a regular class, about an hour in length, with a cool down at the end. Our goal is to use this to add some variance to your training. You do not have to attend every week and you do not have to sign up. This is part of your membership - take advantage. 

If you are reading this right now and thinking "I HATE running" then this is one hundred percent for you. You can run as slow or as fast as you want to, you can come once and never come again. But as your coach, I can tell you that it's usually the things we hate that we need the most work on. Myself included (which is why I'm heading up this group! To hold myself accountable!). So in the pursuit of getting fitter, I would have to strongly encourage you to join.

We are still hammering out the finalized details for this as well as how we plan to communicate. I will be posting the workouts somewhere so if you can't join us on Tuesday evenings, you can still complete the work on your own, in your own time. Stay tuned!

Next week, I'll be talking about how we're stepping up Friday skill days to really get you prepped for all those pull-ups. Midline training, grip strength and shoulder stability will just be a few of the things we're looking for when you come to class on Fridays.

-Coach Caitlin