17.2 Briefing + Heat Times

Bring on 17.2. Should be a fun time tonight! Here are the heat times for tonight:

Again, I did my best to get you in when you wanted to go. If you absolutely cannot do the workout when you're scheduled, please let me know ASAP!


12 minute AMRAP

2 rounds of:
50 ft. DB Front Rack walking lunges
16 Toes-to-bar (scaled: hanging knee raises)
8 DB Power cleans


2 rounds of:
50 ft. DB Front Rack walking lunges
16 Bar muscle-ups (scaled: chin-over-bar pull-ups)
8 DB Power cleans

RX'd weight: 50 per hand for men, 35 per hand for women
Scaled weight: 35 per hand for men, 20 per hand for women

A couple of things to note:

1. We have a specific warm-up this week (see below)! You will perform it in the turf room. It will take 25-35 minutes. Please plan appropriately to get this done - it will be posted and there will be a coach over there to check you in - as your heat time listed is your START TIME

When it is time to go, we will send you over to the main space where you'll find your judge and lane. You'll have a few minutes to test out your movements and the space you'll be working in but you should be ready to go when you head in. Please please please come early enough to warm-up!

Warm-up for 17.2 (This will take at least 25 minutes! Plan accordingly)

Mobility (2-4 minutes in each position)
Couch Stretch
Sink Stretch
T-Spine smash (lax ball, slam ball, med ball, foam roller)

3 rounds for quality
5 strict pull-ups
5 DB waiter squats per side
5 Box jumps

3 rounds for quality
5 bar kips
0:30 second hollow hold
4 DB walking lunges per side
0:30 second superman (arch) hold
5 DB Romanian Deadlifts
5 DB curls

3 Sets of 1-3 Bar muscle ups OR kipping pull-ups

3. Decide scaled or Rx'd. Questions to ask yourself:

a) What are my goals?
b) Can I do TTB?
c) Can I do Bar muscle ups?
d) Am I comfortable with DBs?

We also always ask ourselves "Am I getting fitter?" because remember, it's just exercise. If you're trying to qualify for Regionals or be competitive your approach is going to be different than someone who isn't. Be honest with yourself and don't be afraid to play within your means.

Recognize that if you choose Rx'd and don't have bar muscle ups, you will likely be spending a good chunk of time trying to get one rep. That is okay as long as YOU are okay with that as your challenge/goal for the workout - to get one bar muscle up. If you want to move for the entire 12 minutes, choose scaled. 

If you are still unsure, arrive early enough to ask a coach. We can help you determine which division is best and if there can be a happy medium for you between the two (perhaps you can do the weight but not the bar muscle ups; we'll give you options).

4. Judges this week will be assigned a lane. Athletes will enter and pick their judge. If you have a preference on who you would like to judge you, we recommend asking them before you start warming up so they don't get selected by someone else in your heat.

5. Remember our blog post from earlier this week. Have a plan but don't be afraid to change it. A few pointers we've seen already:

a) Singles on the BMUs (even if you're good at them and especially if you don't have high capacity for them). Your grip is going to be smoked, might as well let your arms have a mini break between reps.

b) Small sets on TTB (especially if you don't have high capacity for them) read above

c) Break the Power cleans into 7 + 1. That way you go right into your lunges after your last clean with a mini break in there.

d) Do everything in your power to not break up the lunges! Every 5ft is a rep - keep that in mind as the workout gets further along (we will have lanes and measurements taped out).

That's all for now! Check your heat time and the blog for your warm-up and to review the workout and divisions!

See you tonight!

-Coach Caitlin