Kingfield Barbell: Full recap of the 2017 MN LWC Championships

This past weekend Crossfit Kingfield hosted the 2017 MN LWC Championships! The event was really successful, and it was such an honor to host an event of this stature. This year we had eleven of our athletes competing!  This is a big improvement from last year, where we had five. We just want to take a second and highlight all of their accomplishments from this past weekend!

Here are the best lifts from our women:

  • Jo Gruenwald (48kg) - 44 snatch, 54 clean & jerk, and 98 total.  She also earned gold in this weight class!

  • Andrea Wilson (53kg) - 70 snatch, 82 clean & jerk, and 152 total.  She also earned gold and received the 2016 MN Cup!  With 70/82/152 she also broke all of her own Minnesota State records in the snatch, clean & jerk, and total!!

  • Amanda Leeman (58kg) - 60 snatch, 70 clean & jerk, and 130 total.  She also earned bronze!

  • Amy Moser (63kg) - 62 snatch, 78 clean & jerk, and 140 total.  She also earned bronze.

  • Sarah Keener (63kg) - 58 snatch, 77 clean & jerk, and 135 total.

  • Christina Hillan (63kg) - 56 snatch, 73 clean & jerk, and 129 total.

  • Sarah Jeffery (69kg) - 63 snatch, 86 clean & jerk, and 149 total.


Here are the best lifts from our men:

  • Christopher Yang (69kg) - 102 snatch, 133 clean & jerk, and 235 total.  He also earned bronze!

  • Hunter Noble (69kg) - 76 snatch, 104 clean & jerk, and 180 total.

  • Phil Putratz (94kg) - 110 snatch, 147 clean & jerk, and 257 total.

  • Jake Hackl (105kg) - 119 snatch, 149 clean & jerk, and 268 total.  He also broke the Minnesota State Masters (40+) total record in the 105kg weight class by .5kg!!


At the end of the day, Kingfield Barbell earned 2 gold medals and 3 bronze medals. We also got 2nd best women's team and 3rd best men’s team! Congrats to all of our lifters!

The coaches of Kingfield Barbell and Crossfit Kingfield put a lot of time and effort into planning this event (so big thanks and props to them!)  Also, big thanks to Roger and the "OG's" of Twin City Barbell!  We could have not done this without you guys!   Thanks so much for giving back to the sport!  Also, last but not least, thanks to all of our volunteers at the meet, your hard-work and dedication was one of the reasons this meet ran so smoothly!

- Kingfield Barbell