MN LWC Weightlifting Championships

We are proud to announce that we are hosting the the 2017 MN LWC Weightlifting Championships!  The Minnesota LWC Championships goes all the way back to 1941.  A state meet has been held every year since 1941 except for 1959.   The event will be on Saturday, March 25th.  All of Minnesota’s best lifters will be here.  We are expecting about 50-60 lifters.  From Kingfield Barbell we will have Jo Gruenewald (48kg), Andrea Storlie (53), Amanda Leeman (58), Amy Moser (63kg), Christina Hillan (63kg), and Sarah Jeffery (69kg).  And on the men’s team we have Chris Yang (69kg), Josh Hillegas (94kg), Phil Putratz (94kg), and Jake Hackl (105kg).  State Championship meets are great to watch because, the best in the state are going up against each other and typically lifters are attempting to break state records in their weight class.  Should be a fun filled day with lots of lifting.  

If you have never been to a weightlifting meet before, this is what you can expect.  Lifters will be contested on two lifts: snatch and clean & jerk.  The snatch is always performed first, a ten minute break, and the the clean & jerk starts.   Each lifter will get three attempts in each lift, so a total of six lifts.  When the competition starts, the barbell is loaded to the lightest opening weight.  Opening weights are determined and given by the lifters when weighing in.  Opening weights can be changed and you will probably see a lot of this.  The order of lifters will be based off of the weight that is loaded on the competition platform.  So if you have a very high opener, you will mostly likely lift later in the session.  

If you’re not doing anything on Saturday, March 25th come watch some weightlifting with us!


-Kingfield Barbell