Track Tuesday's: What to Expect

I’ve had a lot of you asking about these Tuesday evening running sessions we hinted at a few weeks ago. Without pulling on your "runners heartstrings" any longer... here are the juicy details regarding the schedule, the goal, and the plan that we have in store for you this summer!

WHO: You! Anyone can join. Doesn’t matter if you love running or hate running. The hope is that you just want to get outside and switch up your fitness-ing this summer.

WHAT: Primarily running capacity. Our initial focus will be on developing an aerobic base, longer bouts of low to moderate intensity. Think jogging a few miles (with a soft "J"). We’re mainly getting our Minnesota winter legs back under us in preparation for Murph!

After Murph and when we can get on the track, we’ll start into some speed work and capacity training. Some days it’ll be 400m repeats, some days it’ll be 50m sprints. Some days we’ll do stairs, some days we’ll lug a sandbag as a team around the track. For the most part though, my goal is get you ready and able to tackle running and to develop your overall work capacity.

WHEN: Tuesday evenings @ 5:30pm, starting May 9th and running (pun intended) until August 22nd

WHERE: May 9th – June 6th we will be meeting at CFK and going down to the Greenway (high school track season is still in swing and we likely won’t be able to get onto their tracks without ruffling feathers)

Starting June 13th, we will be meeting at a high school track, location TBD, likely Benilde, Blake or the Edina Community Center, pending their activities. I’m still doing research on best location and am open to suggestions!

WHY: You need to ask yourself that. This isn’t mandatory and by coming once doesn’t mean you have to come every time. You can come once a month or once a week. Know that your benefit will be in direct proportion to your attendance.

Here’s the science-y why: because you need variance. Because, as much as we all grumble and complain about running, it is a great tool to mix into our training. Because we can very specifically train different energy systems based on the variety of workouts we can do. And finally because our classes get us very good at working for 7-15 minutes, but if we’re never training longer than that we’re missing out on the full benefits to our health that variety of duration, volume, and intensity gives us.

On a less science-y note, it will likely benefit you mentally too. We all love to workout. We all love a challenge – CrossFit inherently provides that. But if you regularly grumble at running workouts or find that you fade 8 minutes into a moderate weight high volume metcon, perhaps you need to fine-tune your engine. We also get to be outside, enjoying the beautiful Minnesota summer evenings!*

*In the event of rain, we’ll meet at the gym and likely do some kind of capacity work on the rowers, bikes or other fun things…or we’ll cancel with enough notice for you to come to class.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Not much. Just shoot me an email at and let me know the following:

Your name
Your email
How often you anticipate attending
What you’d like to work on most (your goal in adding this to your training)

Looking forward to getting things started with you guys! May 9th here we come!

-Coach Caitlin