"My Murph Experience" - Juliet Alden

1. Is this your first Murph?

2. If yes, what inspired you to participate this year? If no, how many times have you done Murph? I have been on the fence about it for the last few years. Somehow it spoke to me this year. It struck me as a fun challenge and a good way to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday. Besides the bbq afterwards was calling to me!

3. If you've done Murph, what do you remember most?

4. What are you most looking forward to this year for Murph?
I'm looking forward to seeing how my mind moves from an, "I can't do this" mindset to an "I've got this bitch." That's one of my favorite aspects of Crossfit workouts in general... Doing more than I think I can in every workout. Feeling successful is fun and amazing!

5. For people who are on the fence about participating, what would you say to them?
Come have fun. What have you got to lose?