Kingfield Barbell Philosophy: Timing

The last pillar of the Kingfield Barbell Philosophy is timing, which plays a big role in how well a lift is performed.  In our opinion, there are two ways to lift, one, simply lifting weights.  And two, lifting weights well.  In order to lift well, we need proper timing.

A good example to reference is a baseball pitcher.  When the pitcher has gotten through their wind up phase and they have planted their front foot, they rotate and open up.  Once they have gotten to this point, they begin their follow through (throwing the ball).  But, in order to throw a good pitch, the pitcher must time when he/she lets go of the ball.  If they let go too soon, the ball will sail over the umpire and into the stands..  If they let go too late, the ball will go into the dirt.  The same is true in weightlifting, and many other sports or actions that are performed, there needs to be proper timing in order to do it well.

Another way to look at timing, is rhythm.  There is a certain rhythm to the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  It doesn’t matter what technique you use, each will have a certain rhythm.  When you watch lifts on YouTube or Instagram, you kind of know when it is a good looking lift or not. 

Finding the right timing or rhythm may take a lot of time and practice to achieve, but if you work on the first Four Pillars of the Kingfield Barbell Philosophy, proper timing can be achieved easier.  Working to perfect close, control, stable, and power will all contribute to this final pillar of timing.  

Stay tuned, as we discuss different drills and exercises that can help you work on your timing!

-Kingfield Barbell