WOD 181011

Tomorrow, we will have the honor of doing the Hero WOD “Badger.” Click here to see the workout and read more about Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, for whom the workout was named.

While we have the privilege of getting excited about the challenge of such workouts, it is important to understand the meaning behind these challenges. As we discussed last week, Hero WODs are a small way of honoring those brave men and women who have died to defend our country. They can be military personnel (as in the case of Chief Carter), law enforcement officers or firefighters.

They are our the line of defense between us and danger; they face down fear as part of their job. They do not have the option to say something is too hard or too scary. We are grateful that there are such people who choose to defend us.

So as you prepare for this workout, I hope you take these thoughts into consideration. Even if you don’t feel a personal connection to Chief Carter, understand that he represents thousands of courageous individuals. And that because of their courage, we can come in, train hard, be with friends and celebrate chasing and reaching our goals.

Remind yourself tomorrow when the workout starts to feel tough that it is supposed to be hard. It is supposed to be daunting. It does not matter how fast you go or how much weight you move or whether or not you scale the pull-ups.

Tomorrow, the workout is bigger than you. Show up and work hard. Those are your goals for the day.

And please, take a moment whether before, after or during (or all three), to think of “Badger” and to thank him for his service.


*For some insight and perspective on what to expect from the workout, check this out. They have a variety of ability levels performing the workout so you’ll get a representation of what your experience with Badger might look like.

WOD 181011

Strength - Strict Press 3 x 4 @ RPE 7

Metcon - For time & quality:

4 x 500m Row @ RPE 8

REST 1:1

25 minute cap