WOD 181015


Hey Crew,

Today we just have a few announcements for you all so you can start doing some planning around the upcoming holidays and for your training:

  1. 2RM Testing NEXT WEEK - next week on TUESDAY (Back) and FRIDAY (Front) we will be testing 2RM squats. If you have been preparing for this, make it a point to show up on those days. Having that kind of data moving forward will help enormously as we get ready to set some goals and design training plans for the new year.

  2. HALLOWEEN WORKOUT - on Saturday, Oct. 27th, get dressed up in your favorite costume and come get a workout on! We will make sure that the class workout is costume-friendly. Maybe even have a prize for best costume!!

Finally, we have something very special that we are excited to share with you guys…

For the past 4 years, around Christmas time, we have put on a “12 Days of Christmas” workout. The structure of the event has evolved of this time, with last year being our most successful and challenging year to date.

This year, we have something completely new for you…

On Saturday, Dec. 15th, we will be hosting our very first In-house Holiday CrossFit Competition!!! In place of a single workout, you and your favorite workout partner will tackle three workouts. The comp will consist of 2-person teams with Rx, Intermediate and Scaled divisions.

While competition is fun and exciting - and let’s face it, we could only rewrite “12 Days” so many times before you run out of feasible options - our motivation extends outside of our gym.

This year, we will be using registration money to support the non-profit “Jerks for Jewels,” a men’s testicular and prostate cancer awareness charity. We’ll be sharing more about this non-profit and their vision in the coming weeks.

But it gets better…

Later that evening, we will reconvene (hopefully after showers have been had) and have our third Annual Chili Cook-off!!! This will be accompanied by a game night, with the opportunity to raise more money for J4J.

We are looking forward to spending some quality time with our Kingfield family for the holidays this year. So mark your calendar and start asking around for teammates!

More details on registration, workouts and J4J in the coming weeks!


WOD 181015

Strength - Back Squat - 3 x 2 @ RPE 8

Athletes will have 20 minutes to work up to and complete 3 sets of 2 back squats Next week, we will be finding a 2RM so do NOT max out. Use this as an opportunity to squat for 20 minutes under moderately heavy loads.

Metcon - 5 Rounds for Effort:

9 Burpees over the bar @ max effort
5 Pulls on the rower @ max effort

-REST 2 minutes between rounds-

20 minute cap

*The goal of today’s metcon is to focus on absolute power output. Athletes should put the damper higher than normal. The goal is 5 pulls on the rower, creating as much power as possible.