WOD 181002

Three goals, one workout. How do we make it happen?

Let’s say we have three athletes in class with wildly different fitnessing goals.

Lisa enjoys participating in CrossFit competitions and is currently preparing for the Wodapalooza online individual qualifier. She knows she’s on the cusp to qualify, so for her, the online qualifier is a time we are looking for peaking performance.

Andy has been doing CrossFit for about 10 months now. He’s got the basics down but still occasionally has to scale certain parts of workouts. He’s looking to continually improve his fitness but has no goals (currently) of competing and regularly finishes workouts in the middle of the pack. He is trying to lose a little more weight, so he’s got his nutrition dialed in and shows up to class ready to push.

Melissa had a tough day at work and isn’t feeling very motivated but she showed up to class. She’s been sick the past week or so and she’s been feeling a little run down. But she’s here and is hoping that getting the blood moving and being around her community will help her turn the corner.

First, your coaches have to know this information about you. We learn this by building a relationship with you, developing trust and then having you share your situation with us. If you don’t communicate with us, we do our best guesswork but we can’t serve you to our full potential. So fill us in, let us know, make us aware. (We will start adding a more formalized goal-sharing & -setting process soon!)

So how do we match today’s class workout (see below) to meet these goals?

Melissa needs to move. Today, she doesn’t need expectations set around her performance. For her, showing up was her victory and now she just needs to have fun and move well. The farmer’s hold weight will be relative to her, but I’m going to have her focus on breathing and keeping her shoulders back during the holds. The runs will be at a moderate pace - either one she could carry on a conversation at or one she can consistently nasal breathe. The sandbag weight will be relative and I might even have her take a very measured approach - take 0:15 seconds between cleans and focus on your set up. Since our goal is to move, Melissa might also remove the required rest and just focus on five quality rounds of movement at her own pace.

Andy can approach this almost exactly as it’s written. With this workout, the weights are relative to the athlete - meaning there’s no specific prescription. He will meet the directives from the coach for each parameter. Where I might challenge Andy is to push the pace a bit on the first run and then try to be consistent with his splits the rest of the workout. This is the uncomfortable part of this workout and where Andy stands to gain the most fitness. It also puts ownership on him to approach the workout with some intention. By being more deliberate, paying attention to the clock, he’s going to learn a lot about his current thresholds.

Lisa is peaking so we need to look at this workout as if it was given to us under stricter performance requirements. I would tell Lisa a “prescribed” weight for the Farmer’s hold & the sandbag cleans, something reflective of weights she might see in competition. For the run, I would give her a goal for her split times, based on what I know about her running capacity as an athlete and based on what I think would make her competitive if she was doing this workout alongside a field of similar or even more fit athletes.

Because I know each of their goals or life situations, I can tailor the same workout to meet their individual needs. They get the best of both worlds - a workout within the community that motivates and supports them and an hour dedicated to their current goals.

Next time you have something you’re shooting for, let your coaches know! What are you chasing? Comment below and share it with us!


WOD 181002

Metcon - 5 Rounds for effort:

0:60 second Farmer’s Hold @ challenging*
400m sprint
3 Sandbag cleans @ moderate

-Rest 1 minute between rounds-

30 minute cap

*Athletes will hold 2 DBs/KBs and should be able to hold the weight for the entire 0:60 seconds. It should be challenging in the later rounds.