WOD 181022

Last week we announced our upcoming holiday fundraiser. This will be a two-part event, including an in-house CrossFit Competition followed by a holiday party. All proceeds for this event - registration fees for the comp, auction items, etc. - will go to the non-profit Jerks for Jewels. J4J raises money for awareness and support for men’s testicular and prostate health.

Our community has been directly affected by testicular cancer in recent times. There are a few members who have been challenged by this disease and we feel strongly about supporting them and others who are affected.

A few quick facts on testicular and prostate cancer:

  • Every hour a male is diagnosed with testicular cancer. 1 of 270 men, ages 15-35, will die each year.

  • Every year 24,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men. 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

  • Both are almost 100% curable if found early.

The Jerks For Jewels organization has also been directly impacted by this disease. They have made it their mission to support men and boys who have been diagnosed, using the funds they raise through their competitions to either cover some/all of the medical cost for those affected OR to pay for a year’s membership to a CrossFit gym once the person affected is in remission. They also support and promote self-examination, as early detection can result in a clean bill of health if resources are available. J4J makes these resources more accessible for young men who may not otherwise be able to afford treatment.

We think that’s pretty freaking cool. We’re stoked to have the opportunity to give, especially around this time of year. To combine that with a day of camaraderie and community just makes it all the more sweet for us.

So mark your calendars - Saturday, December 15th, will be a big day a Kingfield. Details on registration will go live next week. In the meantime, start asking around for an interested teammate - male pairs, female pairs and mixed pairs will all be allowed, with divisions for every ability level.


WOD 181022

Metcon - Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes (6 total rounds):

0:30 second max calorie effort*
0:60 second sandbag hold @ moderate
5 HSPU @ RPE 8**

*Athletes may choose between bike, rower or ski erg. Once they have selected, they may not switch in the middle of the workout. The goal is to choose the element that you can get the most intensity out of. Your coach can help you decide if you’re unsure which one to commit to today!

**We are looking for a challenging set up for the HSPU. There is time enough to break up these reps if needed. We are also encouraging trying a variation you haven’t practiced recently. If you typically default to strict to increase the difficulty, try using a deficit with a kip. If you typically use a deficit, try going strict. Again, check in with your coach to determine which variation will be best for you today.