WOD 181023

Today is a day to lean into your coaches.

It’s not that today our support or guidance is extra special or extra important. If you were to ask us, we feel that we have something offer you (insight, strategy, assistance, a listening ear) every time you walk through our doors.

However, today we are facing a unique and perhaps untested challenge for many of you. Lifting maximally is not something we do often. It is tricky for a variety of reasons (see this post from a few weeks ago). But it is something we’re coming around to and can see the importance and efficacy of it.

For you to get the most out of these back squats today (and the front squats next week), try out the following when you’re in class:

  1. Be intentional - from your empty bar squats all the way up to your final attempt, your set-up routine should be the same. Do what you need to do to focus on the task at hand. Don’t just go through the motions. Take your time warming up and try to be a little more dialed into what your plan is for the next 20 minutes.

  2. Big jumps early, small jumps late - if your’e unsure what to put on the bar, ask a coach. We all have experience with maximal lifting. We know, to a certain degree, what jumps in weight are appropriate when. Trust us. You don’t want to mess around with smaller jumps from the get go - you’ll tire your legs out before you’ve even gotten close to a max load. Be reasonable though. You do want an appropriate number of warm-up sets so that your legs are ready for the heavier squats.

  3. Belt up! - If you want to use a belt, go for it! If you’ve never used a belt before, ask a coach. But start using it early on so you can get some practice in prior to just slapping it on for your final set. There is a technique to using a belt - it doesn’t just help you because it’s on. Ask a coach if you’re unsure.

  4. Spot me, coach! - As you creep closer to something maximal, ask a COACH for a spot. Your coach will explain to you how spotting works and what communication they expect out of you to make sure everyone is safe. DO NOT ask a fellow athlete and fellow athletes do not offer. Spotting can be dangerous if done incorrectly for both lifter and spotter(s). Please defer to the coach for that assistance!

  5. Be confident! - Heavy weights don’t just happen. People you see squatting heavy have had practice at one point or another. And they believe they can make the lift. Understand that it’s going to feel HARD. It’s unavoidable! It should feel like you’re straining pretty hard. But it should NOT feel like you are compromising your position (much). The way your squat feels positionally at 95# is the same way it should feel positionally at 295#.

Have fun today folks! And, remember, lean into your coaches for whatever help you may need!


WOD 181023

Strength - 2RM Back Squat

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to a 2RM Back Squat. The focus of today is to use the technique we have been practicing and establish a current 2RM weight to use for future cycles. Athletes should utilize coaches to help in determining jumps in weight as well as spotting when necessary.

WOD - 3 Rounds for time:

75 Double unders
25 Wallballs (20/14)

9 minute cap

*Today is about minimal breaks and high intensity. If necessary, athletes can use a lighter wallball to ensure that they can complete the wallball reps in 1-2 big sets each time.