WOD 181025

Tomorrow, we will be running another benchmark workout in class! Today, we’ll give you three clues for you to try and figure out what you’ll be tackling.

  1. Simple elegance

  2. Minimalist approach

  3. An original

Throw your best guesses out there! Hope to see you tomorrow (if not today! Who doesn’t love sled sprints?)


Thursday 181025

Strength - Weighted Plank 3 x 0:60 seconds @ light weight

Athletes will complete their plank holds before or after their sled sprints in today’s class. The focus is maintaining a stable midline while engaging the quads and glutes. Weight is optional.

Metcon - 3 Rounds for effort:

80ft. Sled push @ sprinting*
21 Russian KB swings @ moderate
11 Banded strict pull-ups

-REST 3-4 minutes between rounds-

20 minute cap

*Athletes should focus on choosing a weight for the sled that will be challenging but still allow them to sprint for all three rounds!