WOD 181003

Our Bodies Are Like Cars

Part 2 of A Recovery Story by Coach Josh

Imagine you are driving down the street and your check engine light comes on in your car. You see it, telling you that something might not be working properly. Do you ignore it or immediately take it into the shop?

Our bodies are not that different from cars. Obviously, we do not have a light on our forehead that tells us something is wrong but we have plenty of signs. It is also difficult to figure out what the issue is by just looking at the car. Usually when you bring your vehicle into the shop, the mechanic will ask you questions about what is going on and then take a closer look.  The same goes for us except we do not take our bodies into an auto shop but to a chiropractor, massage therapist, or a different profession. I experimented with a few different methods during my recovery journey that I am going to share with you.

The first method I used was chiropractic work.  The reason why I went to a chiropractor first was because the pain I had felt was right in the middle of lumbar spine.  My first thought was, “Oh shit, do I have a herniated disc?” After a few visits, the chiropractor told me that it was not anything structurally going on (in all honesty, it rarely is but the mind tends to jump to worst-case scenarios).  In the sense of looking at the big picture, this was good news. The bad news, however, is I still did not know what was causing this pain in my low back.  Even though I did not get a definitive answer, it was reassuring to know that my spine was still strong. On to the second method.

The second method I used was acupuncture. It was a very cool experience. I think I had about 22-24 needles in my lumbar area and glute area. Very relaxing...if you do not mind needles.  If you do not like needles, maybe acupuncture is not for you which is alright. There are two downfalls to my experiences though.  The first downfall was that the session was long; about an 60-80 minutes. If you are in a time crunch or have a busy schedule, this might not be ideal. The second downfall was most places that do acupuncture do not take insurance. If the acupuncturist wants you to come in 2-3 times a week, that will cost around $150-250 a week. That adds up pretty quick. Aside from those downfalls, I would suggest giving it a try if you have amply time and want to see what it is about. On to number three.

The third method I used was massage therapy.  This seems pretty straight forward but there are many different types of massages you can get.  I stuck with aromatherapy massage and deep tissue massage. Massages can be tricky because it is really hard to get to the root of the issue that might going on within a muscle, even with deep tissue massage. Not mention, with deep tissue massages, you can expect to feel pretty beat up for the next couple of days afterwards. Nevertheless, massages just feel great because it allows you to relax and not really worry about anything during that session.

I hope these methods were helpful for you and give some insight on options to try if you are feeling a little beat up. To be clear, you don’t need to experience severe pain or think you have a major injury to take advantage of these methods. Regular body work can be beneficial to avoid injury during tough training cycles. Next week, I will share with you my time off and my reflection on what I wanted my training to look like moving forward.


WOD 181003

Strength - 20 minutes to work on Clean doubles @ RPE 7

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to and complete multiple sets of 2 at an RPE of 7.  The focus is for athletes is to work on sets of 2 while remaining technically sound.  DO NOT MAX OUT!!

WOD - 3 Rounds for time:

200 ft. Shuttle sprint
12 Handstand push-ups @ RPE 8
100 ft. DB walking lunges @ moderate

10 minute cap