WOD 181112

We’re about one month out from our first annual Kingfield Holiday Partner Competition and Fundraiser!

We’ve got some awesome workouts cooked up for you and plan to start releasing the details as we get closer to the comp. You can expect video releases with descriptions of the workouts on Wednesday’s, starting on November 28th.

For now, what we’ll tell you is this:

  1. There will be three total events

  2. One event will be a max lifting event (with weighted multipliers to account for male pairs v. female pairs v. mixed pairs)

  3. One event will have two scores, as partners split reps however they like.

  4. One event will be fast and furious, harkening to the 2017 CrossFit Open.

We will have three division options for the competition: scaled, intermediate and Rx’d. The recommendations for your abilities for each are the following:

Rx’d - working weights for barbell (95/65), DB (50/35),
C2B pull-ups, double unders

Intermediate - working weights for barbell (95/65), DB (50/35),
chin over bar pull-ups, double unders

Scaled - working weights for barbell (75/55), DB (35/20),
banded pull-ups or ring rows, single unders

If you’re unsure which division to choose, feel free to ask a coach. Our goal was to make the divisions as approachable as possible.

Make sure you click the banner at the top of our home page to register! Registration will be open until Monday, Dec. 10th, but in order to get your J4J t-shirt and water bottle on time, they’ve requested registration prior to Dec. 1st. You must register both on the Wodify Arena site (linked in the banner) AND on the J4J website, to pay for your registration.

We are also taking volunteers for judging on the day. Preferably, our judges will not also be participating, so if you want to be a part of the fun without the pressure of competition, sign up to judge! There will be a judges briefing meeting the week before the competition to go over standards and make adjustments as needed. See the sign-up sheet in the gym if you’re interested!


Monday 181112

Strength - Back squat - 20 minutes to work on sets of 5 @ RPE 7

The focus of today is position under load. Athletes will work for 20 minutes building and completing 3 to 4 working sets of 5 at RPE 7. Athletes should focus on technique as we will be build over the next two months.

Metcon - Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes, alternate between:

MINUTE 1 - 0:30 seconds Max thrusters @ 95/65# **
MINUTE 2 - 0:30 seconds Max strict pull ups **

**Athletes should prioritize technique and movement each round. The goal should be to work at a high intensity and towards a manageable rep count each round.