WOD 181109

Changes at Kingfield: The Move

A few weeks ago, we informed you of a variety of changes that will be happening in the coming months at Kingfield. We’ve already welcomed athletes who previously trained in the CF Endurance classes in the turf room! Merging the groups and becoming the singular, inclusive community that we have always claimed to be seemed like a logical change. The other logical change that we will be undergoing at the end of the month is transitioning the weightlifting platforms into the turf room. In the course of this blog post, it is my goal to clarify not only the purpose of this move but also how CrossFit and Barbell Club differ.

Let’s start there. Housed under the same roof we have CrossFit Kingfield and Kingfield Barbell. These are two separate entities, however, they contribute to a single bottom line: Barbell athletes are members of Kingfield. However, instead of CrossFit as their chosen fitness approach, they choose to compete in the sport of weightlifting. Many would say that their weightlifting journey was born out of CrossFit, that they simply shifted their focus to weightlifting and stayed there after being introduced to the sport through CrossFit. Should any CrossFit member desire to transition into Barbell, it would be under the understanding that the goal is to compete at some point or another in a weightlifting meet. These athletes receive programming geared towards improving the snatch and clean and jerk from Chris and/or Anthony and structure their training year around these competitions. Their membership, the same as any CrossFit athletes, gets them this templated programming, space to train and coaching when available.

To be clear, the Barbell Club differs from our weightlifting class offered to our CrossFit athletes. The goal of that class is to use drills similar to those practice by Barbell Club members to enhance your ability to perform the Olympic style lifts in your regular CrossFit class.

Come December 1st, the weightlifting platforms will be relocated to the turf room. The rig in the turf room will come off the wall and five weightlifting platforms will be built along the wall separating Compu-trainer from the turf room. This move serves a multitude of purposes. The main and most noticeable one will be the freedom for both CrossFit classes and weightlifters to go about their training without interference from the other. It is a win-win situation, as coaches’ talking points will no longer be punctuated by clanging barbells and weightlifting athletes will no longer have to defer to the coach and athletes of the CF class. It also gains CF and weightlifting more space.

Another, less obvious benefit hinges on the restructuring on the turf room. By moving the platforms and rearranging the room, we now can get rid of “cardio corner,” as I like to call it, and have a more orderly set-up for the rowers, bikes and ski ergs. Less rower tetris, trying to get those machines from turf room to CF room. Strength, weightlifting and teens classes now have the benefit of platform lifting (when possible).

There are still a few variables to be played with in that space but for now you can be certain that we will be moving the platforms into the turf room. We still ask that weightlifters enter into the main gym space, eventually sign into “class” and remain a part of the community. But we are hopeful that this change will ease the strain on everyone so we can all continue to pursue our aligned goals of fitness and movement for a long time to come.

If you are interested in helping with the move on Saturday, Dec. 1st, after 1pm, please email me at caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com.


Friday 181109

Metcon - 2 Rounds For Time:

21 Front squats @ moderate*
11 Toes to bar
7 Power cleans @ moderate to heavy**

- Rest 0:90 seconds between rounds -

*FRONT SQUATS: Athletes do not have to complete all the FS in 21 unbroken reps. They should choose a weight that they can maintain form AND complete big sets.

**POWER CLEANS: Athletes should choose a weight that is heavier than their front squat weight IF THEY ARE CONFIDENT IN THEIR TECHNIQUE. The goal is 7 moderate to heavy single reps with perfect technique!