WOD 181117

Saturday 181117

Strength - Clean Complex: Clean deadlift + clean pull + clean @ RPE 7

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to and complete multiple sets of today's complex. The focus is for athletes is to work on sets while remaining technically sound. DO NOT MAX OUT!


For Time:

60 Deadlifts @ RPE 6 **
60 Toes to bar

13 minute cap

Athletes will work together as a team and split all of the working reps evenly. They may choose how they want to do that, however they must complete an even amount of work! Weights may be different for the deadlift, however partners will be responsible for changing plates themselves.

** DEADLIFTS: Athletes should choose a weight that they can complete all working sets unbroken. The emphasis today is accumulating volume under fatigue. Our recommendation for weight is 225/155#.