WOD 181119

Chili Cook-off Registration + Dodgeball Championships

Live in the gym - yes, we’re using old reliable pen & paper - are the sign up sheets for three very important things pertaining to the Holiday celebration on Saturday, December 15th. Remember that registration for participation in the competition can be accessed by clicking the announcement bar on our website.

  1. Volunteers/Judges for the competition - don’t want to compete but want to be involved? We would love to have you help us with judging and/or set-up and clean-up.

    Judges will be required to attend a pre-comp briefing a few days (TBD) prior to the competition to review all movement standards and walk through the events. Score sheets, clipboards and pens will be provided for judges. Enthusiasm and upholding a standard is all you.

    Set-up will happen on Friday night after classes finish up, likely around 8-8:15pm. We will run a sweep of the gym floor, tape out the competition area and get it set for the first event of Saturday morning. We will also be preparing the turf room for a warm-up area for the next day.

    Clean-up will happen immediately following the event. We will move equipment back to it’s home, clean the floors and prepare the space for the events to come that evening!

    Help with any and all of these will be much appreciated!

  2. Dodgeball Team Comp - One of our evening activities will be the return of the bracketed dodgeball tournament. We need at least four teams to register and can handle up to twelve. Teams will be made up of two guys and two girls.

    Register your team in the gym - you must put all four teammates names as well as an appropriate team name. Rules will be released closer to the event.

  3. Chili Cook-off - we have no food if you don’t bring chili! Find this sign up sheet in the gym and either make your claim to Kingfield Chili Cook-off fame by whipping up your secret recipe OR offer to bring something else. Any side dishes are acceptable - think cornbread, salads, chips, desserts, etc.

    Coaches will be providing cups & spoons for tasting, as well as paper plates, water and La Croix.

    Other beverages are acceptable but cannot be left behind at the gym!

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! Don’t forget to sign up!


Monday 181119

"Getting Jacked For Turkey Day"

4 Rounds For Effort:

8 Bench press @ moderate **

50 ft. DB Front rack walking lunge @ moderate ***

72 Double unders

Rest 2 to 3 minutes between rounds -

25 minute time cap!

BENCH PRESS: Athletes should use a 2:1 tempo when performing reps. They should control the weight to their chest in roughly a 2 to 3 second descent. Their lockout should be quick and powerful. Weights SHOULD BE CHALLENGING DUE TO THE TEMPO, but not impossible!! We are looking to brush up against your threshold each round. Too easy? Go slower :) ~RPE 7

FRONT RACK DB WALKING LUNGE: This DOES NOT have to be the same weight as the bench press. The goal here is to maintain a stable front rack position. Choose a weight that is challenging for 50 ft., but not impossible. ~RPE 7