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CrossFit Competitions in 2019

Mark your calendars, folks! By popular demand, I have put together a list with the information we know so far for CrossFit comps next year. Their websites are also posted, so if one piques your interest, bookmark the page and keep checking back or sign up for alerts on registration, qualifiers, etc.

We wanted to offer you plenty of time to plan. We’ll be doing some goal setting for the year in January, so if you have even the inkling of participating in competition, we can talk about how that would work into your training schedule.

Now, before some of you roll your eyes, saying, “I could never compete!” remember that there are different divisions for each competition I’ve listed. Also, I’d recommend team competition if you’re new - it’s much easier to feel like you have some help when you need it!

Upcoming CrossFit Comps in 2019

GameDay Competitions - these are two day comps run throughout the year around the midwest. We’ve listed a few that are close by that we know of - there will be more added to the schedule!

GameDay Eau Claire - Jan. 26-27
Registration opens Mon. Nov. 12th
Individual & Teams of 3
More details to come (website)

GameDay Mankato - typically in mid-May
More details to come

GameDay Championships - early November
State Fair Grounds
More details to come

2019 CrossFit Open - we get two Opens this year! The standard schedule, starting the last week of February and going five weeks total into March will be considered the 2019 Open. We will run this similar to last year, with all Friday classes having the opportunity to perform the workout. In the evening, we will have heat sign-up available and run our Friday Night Lights tradition. You can find out more information as it comes out by checking here.

2019 Granite Games - so the Granite Games gets a little more interesting this year. There are multiple ways to qualify for the Championships, which will be held in June 2019. For updated information, keep tabs on their website here.

Here’s the kicker: as of the writing of this blog, the location and actual dates of the Championships (which we usually try to get multiple teams of 3 to) are unknown. There is a chance that this comp moves out of state. However, if you’re wanting to keep you options open, here’s how you can qualify:

  1. Throwdowns - enter your scaled or intermediate team into a local throwdown (some cities are listed below; dates TBA). The winners automatically punch their ticket to the Championships. For more info on the throwdowns, click here.

    Cities - click on each to register:
    New Ulm, MN - Jan. 12th
    Minneapolis, MN - TBA
    St. Cloud, MN - TBA
    Fargo, ND - Jan. 12th
    Waukesha, WI - Jan. 12th
    Ankeny, IA - Jan. 12th
    Chicago, IL - TBA

  2. The Granite Games Open - Similar to the qualifier of years past, two weeks of workouts will give you the opportunity to qualify for the championships. It is assumed that you must participate in the Open in order to be eligible for participation in the June comp. The qualifier will consist of two weeks of workouts, with one set of workouts being released on 4/10 to be submitted by 4/17 and the second set being released on 4/17 to be submitted by 4/24. For more information on the GG Open, click here.

    Dates: April 10 - April 24

SISU Summer Throwdown - held at CrossFit SISU in Excelsior, MN, the summer throwdown pits M/F pairs against each other over 4-5 events spanning Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. They have three divisions - scaled, intermediate & Rx’d - and you get to do some of your workouts out in the sunshine! This one is a summer favorite of mine :)

Dates: June 28-29, 2019

2020 CrossFit Open - as mentioned above, this year (and only this year!) we get TWO Opens. The 2020 Open - and all Opens moving forward - will occur in October of 2019. Right now, we are assuming the same five week, one workout per week format. For now, we plan to run it the same as the 2019 Open which will be in March of this coming year.

And these are just a few of your options! No matter how you look at it, there is plenty of opportunity to put your fitness to the test. We recommend choosing one or two comps to focus on and plan your training year around that. If you are curious or have more questions, talk to a coach!


Friday 181123

Strength - Front Squats - sets of 4 @ RPE 8

Athletes will have 20 minutes to work on building and completing 3-4 sets of 4 reps @ RPE of 8. Athletes should focus on technique over load as we will be building over the next two months.

Metcon - 3 Rounds for time:

15 Russian KB swings @ moderate to heavy
7 Box jump overs (24/20”)

REST 2 minutes

2 Rounds for time:

15 Russian KB swings @ moderate to heavy
7 Box jump overs (24/20”)

11 minute cap