WOD 181126


Hey guys! Right now, today we are two weeks away from the registration deadline for our in-house holiday competition and fundraiser! If you are planning to sign up and haven’t yet, we recommend you do it ASAP!

Also, registration sheets are up for the following in the gym:

  1. Volunteers for the competition - set up, judges, clean up (any or all three)

  2. Chili Cook-off & potluck dinner

  3. Dodgeball tournament!

Get yourself (or your team) registered today!

First workout video will drop this week…stay tuned!


Monday 181126

Strength - Back Squat sets of 3 @ RPE 8

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to and complete 3-4 working sets of 3 reps @ RPE of 8. The focus of today is position under load.

Metcon - “Karen”

For time:

150 Wallballs (20/14)

10 minute cap

There are three options - all listed below - for approaching Karen today to provide variety in volume and approach. Athletes will choose which format best fits their goals and skill level. If they are unsure, discuss it with your coach.

OPTION 1 - “Classic Karen” shown above

OPTION 2 - “Weekend Karen”

80 Wallballs for time

OPTION 3 - “EMOM Karen”

12 reps every minute on the minute