WOD 181128

Next week, we will be releasing the details of the workouts for our in-house Holiday Partner Competition. Remember that all registration fees will go directly to Jerks 4 Jewels to support their efforts in aiding those men affected by testicular and prostate cancer.

Stay tuned! And if you haven’t yet registered, click the banner at the top of our page! All are welcome to participate!


Wednesday 181128

Strength - Clean Complex: 2 Clean pulls + Clean @ RPE 7

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to and complete multiple sets of today's complex. The focus is for athletes is to work on sets while remaining technically sound. DO NOT MAX OUT!

Metcon - AMRAP 7 minutes:

20 KB swings @ moderate*
20 Ab-mat sit ups

*The goal of today’s workout is time under tension or an RPE of 6 or 7.  Athletes should choose a weight for the KB that will not compromise their form and allow them to use their hips and glutes!