WOD 181129

On Saturday, we will be making the move to house weightlifting in the turf room. Classes will run as usual on Saturday morning (8 & 9am) and open gym will still run until 2pm.

HOWEVER, the turf room will be CLOSED for open gym as we will be transitioning that space in preparation for the new week. Any open gym activities are to be conducted in the main CF room.

Thank you! Check in tomorrow for a reminder of our schedule change starting on Monday, Dec. 3rd!


Thursday 181129

Strength - Front squat - sets of 3 @ RPE 8 to 9  

Athletes will work for 20 minutes building + completing 3 to 4 working sets of 3 at RPE 8 to 9. The focus of today is position under heavier loads.

Metcon - Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes:

200 ft. Shuttle sprint
100 ft. Farmer’s carry @ moderate to heavy
10 Tempo push ups*

*Athletes should work within their control to keep at 3/1/1 tempo if possible.  3 seconds down + 1 second pause + 1 second lockout. 

Athletes may use a yoga block to shorten the distance to maintain form.  Athletes may also add 10# to their back if they can keep tempo and their coach agrees.