WOD 181215

Saturday 181215

Kingfield Holiday Partner Throwdown

Event 1 - Heavy Hitters

Both partners have 4 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean + Hang Clean. There will be a 1 minute reset between partners. Score is the sum of the heaviest lift from both partners (multipliers will be assessed to account for different pairing combinations).

Event 2 + 3 - Chip Away + Max Wallballs (One Event, Two Scores!)

On a 17 minute clock, complete:

100 calorie row
80 alternating DB snatches
60 burpee box jump overs
40 pull-ups

In the remaining time, complete as many wallballs as possible.

Score for Event 2 = time to complete the work from row to pull-ups.
Score for Event 3 = total number of wallballs completed in the remaining time.

Partners may switch out at any time. There is no minimum work requirement for either partner.

Event 4 - Partner 17.5

10 Rounds for time:

9 Thrusters
35 Double unders

10 minute cap

Tie-break is the time to complete 5 full rounds.

For more details, refer back to this post where rules and specific scoring is laid out.