WOD 181217

Thank you to everyone who participated in some way, shape or form on Saturday! Our fundraising efforts were successful - to the tune of > $2,000 donated to Jerks for Jewels. Thank you so much for being such supportive and wonderful community members. We hope to do more events like last Saturday’s in the future.

An extra special shout out to our volunteers on the day! Outside of your Kingfield staff (Danny, Lea, Caitlin, Chris, Josh, Anthony and Karl), we were lucky to get assistance from Steph, Angela, Thomas, Jo and Alex T. during the competition. Thank you guys!

Special thanks to Samantha Chin too for the awesome photos commemorating the event. We always appreciate your talented eye and the bonus work you put in to helping out where needed for these events.

Until next year! Happy Holidays!


*If you still wish to donate, head to the J4J website, scroll to the bottom and donate!

Monday 181217

Metcon - Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, rotate between:

1 - 30-45 Double unders
2 - 8 Bench presses @ light to moderate
3 - 8 Tempo strict chin-ups

*Coaching will help you determine appropriate weight for the bench press and bands for the chin-ups. Chase the pump today, kids!