WOD 181203

Stay tuned for the release of Event 1 for our first annual Kingfield Holiday Partner Competition later today!

We will be posting a video with a description of the workout on our social media later today. Events 2, 3, & 4 will be released Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday, we will post the details and movement standards for all three workouts.

If you still haven’t signed up, you’re running out of time! Deadline is Monday, 12/10, one week from today. Check out the workouts and then grab a partner and get registered. It’ll be good fun and we get to raise money for a great cause!

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Monday 181203

Strength - Snatch Complex: Snatch pull + 2 Snatches

Athletes will have 20 minutes to work on the day’s complex. The focus is technique and solid practice repetitions. DO NOT MAX OUT!

Metcon - AMRAP 8

50 ft. DB front rack walking lunge
12 Strict push-ups*

*Athletes should focus on position over everything. Coaches will discuss a variety of ways to scale the push up and lunge so proper technique can be maintained. This is a DELOAD week, so adjust accordingly. If you need assistance, be sure to ask a coach!