WOD 181207

Kingfield Holiday Partner Competition Workouts and Details


Each partner will have 4 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean + Hang Clean. Only one partner will lift at a time. There will be a 1 minute reset between lifting periods.

-Partners may help loading the barbell.
-Cleans can be performed power or squat. The requirement for the clean is for the bar to come off the floor to the shoulders and for the hang clean to come from above the knee to the shoulders.
-The athlete must maintain control of the barbell from start to finish of the complex. They may not drop the bar between clean and hang clean.
-The lift is finished when the athlete demonstrates control of the bar on the shoulders with knees and hips extended. Judges will be instructed to give a “GOOD” signal after both elements.

-The score is determined by the sum of the heaviest completed lift performed by each partner.
-We will have a multiplier depending on your partner make-up: MM = total load x 1; MF = total load x 1.2; FF = total load x 1.5


On a 17 minute clock, complete:

100 calorie Row
80 alternate DB snatches (50/35)
60 Burpee box jump overs (20” all divisions)
40 Pull-ups**

In the remaining time, complete as many wallballs as possible (20/14 to 10’/9’ targets)

*All scaled and any FF pairs will row 80 calories
**RX will perform C2B pull-ups
DB weights: RX/INT - as listed; SC - 35/20
WB weight: RX/INT - as listed; SC - 14/10 to 10’/9’ targets

Partners may share work however they like. They must make a physical tag to trade out.
-Partners must complete all required reps for each movement prior to moving on to the next movement.
-There will be specific instructions on where the non-working partner will stand and on how partners transition from movement to movement.
-Rowing - must remain on the seat of the rower until the required number of calories are met. The other partner may not start snatches until the rowing partner tags them after the calorie requirement is met.
-DB snatches - reps start on the floor and end when the DB is locked out overhead. Athletes may transition the DB hand to hand in the air but the transition must occur below the level of the shoulder (Open standard).
-Burpee box jump overs - must be performed perpendicular to the box. Chest and thighs must touch the ground. For RX + INT, a two footed take off is required. Scaled may step-up. All division may step down upon landing on top of the box. You may clear the entire box with your jump if you want.
-Pull-ups - RX must perform C2B where the chest, below the collar bone must come into contact with the bar on each rep. INT will perform chin-over-bar where the chin must clear the horizontal plane of the bar for the rep to count. Scaled will have the option to perform banded pull-ups, in which the standards are the same for the INT chin-over-bar pull-ups, or ring rows, where they will have to pull the rings all the way to their torso. All divisions must come to full extension at the bottom of each rep.
-Wallballs - the movement starts with a squat and ends when the ball touches the wall at or above the required height. Athletes must pass below parallel for the rep to count.

-The score for Event 2 is the total time to complete the work from row to pull-ups.
-The score for Event 3 is the total number of wallballs completed before the 17 minute clock expires.


10 Rounds for time, alternating complete rounds:

9 Thrusters (95/65)
35 double unders

10 minute cap

Tie-break is the time to complete the 5th round of the workout.

Thruster weight: RX/INT - as written; SC - 75/55
Jump rope: RX/INT - as written; SC - single unders

-Athletes will be briefed on specific rules for transitions. Only one athlete may work at a time and must complete the work of the entire round before their partner can tag in.
-Thrusters - the first rep can be squat cleaned. Squats must pass below parallel and the rep ends when the bar is locked out overhead. Dropping of the barbell from overhead WILL NOT BE ALLOWED and will result in a no rep, requiring the athlete to repeat whichever rep they ended on.
-Double unders/Single unders - the jump rope must pass under the feet once or twice depending on division.

-The score will be the total time to complete all 10 rounds. If a team fails to complete the 10 rounds in the 10 minute cap, their score will be 10 minutes plus 1 second for every rep they did not complete.
-Tie break - judges will be instructed to mark down the time at which the fifth round is completed. This will serve as the tie breaker should two teams have the same finish time for the workout as a whole.


These details as well as instructions on the logistics of the day will be emailed to the registering team member by Thursday of next week. Please share with your teammate.

We look forward to a great event!


Friday 181207

Strength - Bench press sets of 8 @ RPE 5

Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to and complete 3-4 sets of 8 @ RPE 5. This is a deload week so the focus should be position and control. Do NOT go heavy!

Metcon - 3 Rounds for time:

21 Wallballs (20/14)
7 Deadlifts (225/155)

10 minute cap

*Athletes should choose a deadlift weight that allows them to complete each round in 1-2 sets.