18.1 Briefing + Heat Times

Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open! You guys are definitely ready for this and we’re excited!

First things first, below are the listed heat times. If for any reason you cannot attend at the time you are listed, you need to notify me (caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com) as soon as possible. We have FULL HEATS tonight so we cannot add athletes into heats.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 8.32.07 AM.png

Second, PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR LISTED TIME IS YOUR START TIME! If you are in the 5pm heat, arrive with enough time to warm-up prior to the workout. We have a specific warm-up listed below and have indicated what you will do for warm-up once in the room for your heat.

In case you haven’t seen yet, here is the workout:

Open Workout 18.1


8 Toes-to-bar
10 DB Hang clean and jerks (5/arm)
14/12 calories on the rower

RX’d weight: 50/35
Scaled weight: 35/20 & athletes will perform hanging knee raises
Men will row 14 calories; women will row 12 calories

A few quick notes on the workout:

1. It is long and the rep scheme is short. The biggest battle we’ve seen so far in coaching this workout is in keeping yourself moving. Because the reps of each movement are lower, there are A LOT of transitions that happen in this workout. We recommend focusing on completing rounds and not looking at the clock until you’re five (or so) rounds deep. The transitions are a great time to shake your arms out and catch your breath but it’s also easy to lose unnecessary time. Try to keep yourself moving from movement to movement and stay focused. It’s a grind, people.

2. Grippers. This is more or less all pulling - TTB, DB clean, row. Yes, biceps will fatigue and you’ll get a pretty decent pump but the big sticking point that we have seen is grip fatigue. If you need to rest your grip, do it during TTB. Even though that set is small, that is the only movement that doesn’t require you to do extra work if you break it up. Think about breaking it up earlier than you think you should so you can save your grip for the cleans (next bulllet) and keep yourself moving on the rower. Speaking of the rower, try to really focus on your legs during the row so your arms can relax as much as possible.

3. DB Hang Clean & Jerk. Athletes must complete 5 reps on one side, then 5 reps on the other side. You may not alternate arms or split up sets. There are three aspects to the movement standard: a) you must stand to full extension with the DB before performing your first rep; b) the DB must pause (touch) the shoulder before going overhead; c) you must redip when pushing the DB overhead and then come to a full standing position before bringing the DB back down. We will review all of these standards before each heat but keep this in mind as you’re warming up.

4. Warming up. We have a specific warm-up listed below. If you are in Heat 1, you will be allowed to warm-up in the main CF room. If you are in Heats 2, 3 and 4, you will warm-up in the Back Room. There will be equipment required for the warm-up in that room already. The Turf Room is NOT AVAILABLE until after 6:30pm - we ask that you not enter that room to avoid disrupting classes.

18.1 Warm-up

2 rounds
1:00 minute rowing or jump rope
0:30 second HS hold or wall walk hold


3 rounds for quality
10 Russian KB swings @ moderate
DB Complex: 5 strict DB high pulls + 5 DB strict presses + 5 single-arm DB front squats @ light weight (well under what you plan to use in the workout)
10 PVC pass throughs


DB Hang Clean + Jerk*
Perform 3/side w/light weight used in DB complex
Perform 3/side w/medium weight (still not workout weight)
Perform 3/side at workout weight

*Between sets, perform 8 ab mat sit-ups

We believe this warm-up will take about 10-12 minutes to complete. If you need more time to mobilize, etc. budget accordingly. Once your heat is called, you will perform the following after being briefed and assigned a judge:

2 Rounds for quality

2/arm DB hang clean + jerk
6 calories on the rower

5. Do I do RX'd or scaled? Remember when you come in tonight, you will have to choose RX’d or scaled. The first thing to ask yourself is Can you do TTB? If the answer is no, then you should do scaled. If the answer is yes, the next question is Can you manage the weight relatively easily? This should NOT be a heavy weight for this rep scheme or movement. If the Rx’d weight feels too challenging, then you should also do scaled. If you are unsure, find a coach or ask your judge. You can also decide once we review the movement standards.

6. You will reach a point where you feel like you’ll never finish. Such is the nature of the 20 minute AMRAP. Again, we recommend focusing on the task rather than the time. Focus on the quality of your movement and making deliberate transitions. When you look at the clock (inevitably it’ll happen), try to use the time remaining to make a game plan. Focus on working through a minute at a time and setting a goal for each minute. Your judge will encourage you through and help to keep you moving - tell them what you want, how much counting, encouragement and coaching.

That's all we have for now. We will see you all tonight! Good luck!