Welcome to the 2018 Open!


We are two weeks away from the 2018 CrossFit Open! We wanted all of you, regardless of your plans to participate, to be aware of what the Kingfield Schedule will look like over the next five weeks. Perhaps it will inspire you to stop by one Friday night to cheer on your fellow athletes and, hell, maybe even join in by the end!

Here's what you can expect over the next five weeks:

1) COMMUNICATION: A lot of emails from me. We are going to do our best to communicate to you as much information as we have so that things run smoothly. We will also be posting a lot to our social media so go like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (@crossfitkingfield).

If you are not currently registered for the Open with us and would like to participate, please find the sign up sheet in the gym! It will stay up until Saturday, February 17th.

If you are not currently registered for the Open and you show up on Friday night for class, we will do what we can to work you into a heat during that hour. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware that regularly scheduled classes (6 & 7pm) WILL NOT be run for those five weeks (from 2/23 - 3/23).

If you are unsure whether or not you want to participate, we encourage you come check it out. Watch and see how it goes down. Then you can decide if it's something you want to be a part of the following week!

2) MONDAY EMAILS - HEAT SIGN UP: Each week, starting Monday, 2/19, registered participants will receive a prompt to fill out their preferred heat time slot for the week. We will send this out on Monday. We need responses NO LATER THAN Wednesday night for the week.

Athletes will specify their 1st and 2nd choice (or "flexible") for the block in which they wish to have the workout completed in if they're participating on Friday. This year, we are going to offer options in 45 minute blocks (5-5:45, 5:45-6:30, 6:30-7:15, 7:15-8pm).

We DO NOT know the duration of the workouts. Some will be short, some will be longer. For that reason, we are doing this in 45 minute blocks. Heat times may fall the the beginning, middle or end of that block but our goal will be to have your workout wrapped up within that block.

Please understand that with longer workouts, timelines may get pushed back a bit but we will do our very best to get you in and done at the time you have requested.

3) FRIDAY EMAILS - HEAT ASSIGNMENT & WORKOUT BRIEFING: Every Thursday night we will broadcast the announcement live at the gym. We do ask that you be respectful of the 7pm class that will be going on at the time. After the announcement, we will be figuring out the logistics of that week's workout and by Friday morning we will send all registered athletes an email with the finalized heat times AND any pertinent information regarding the workout (tips and strategy, transitions, judging, etc.).

If athletes wish to change their heat time once the schedule has been released, please contact me ASAP. We will do our best to accommodate last minute changes but know that depending on the workout that can be difficult. We ask that everyone do their best to lock up schedules when you submit your choices earlier in the week.

4) SCHEDULE - MACRO & MICRO: First, we will offer alternative times to complete the workout during open gym over the weekend.

On Saturdays, open gym hours will be our regular 10am - 2pm. On Sundays, you MUST arrange with a coach a time to come in and we cannot allow for your workout to interfere with class. Please remember that Sunday classes will still be held at 10am, 11am and noon in the main space. If the Open workout requires equipment in that room, make arrangements to either do the workout on a different day OR come in before or after the scheduled classes. The turf room is always available for use. You may also complete the Open workout in Open gym on Monday as well.

On Fridays, your scheduled heat time is your start time! Please come in to give yourself plenty of time to warm-up. You will be responsible for performing your general warm-up prior to starting. We will include our recommended warm-up in the Friday morning briefing email but you can do what you know works best for you. We will be sure to build in the transition time to allow you to do a few practice reps of your movements before each heat.

5) DIVISION DECISIONS - RX'd v. SCALED: The CrossFit Open provides both Rx'd and scaled versions of each open workout. We encourage you to pick the option that best suits your goals and ability levels. You must choose one or the other - there will be no mixing and matching for logistical purposes. We will break down each week the thought process that can help guide your decision making in our Friday emails. Please don't hesitate to talk to a coach if you're still unsure.

At the end of the day, our goal is to keep you safe, healthy and improve your fitness. Staring a a heavy barbell or gymnastics rings or attempting a lift or gymnastics movement far outside your comfort zone does not meet these criteria. As coaches, we reserve the right to point you in the right direction for your safety.

6) TRAINING THROUGH THE OPEN: We cannot stress enough that you do not need to do the Open workout twice in one day. You MAY NOT come to class in the morning and then come back in for Friday Night Lights. We will send you home. It is for your own safety.

As for training around the Open workout, it depends on your goals. If you are participating for fun, only plan on doing the workouts once and are coming on Friday or Saturday to do them, we encourage you to stick to your normal training schedule. If you usually workout on Thursday and Friday, then stick to that (our Thursday workouts will be programmed with this in mind and coaches will be aware of who's participating and can help with scaling as needed). If you like to have a rest day on Thursdays and train Fridays, then stick to that.

If you are doing this to post your very best score, you may want to retest the workout.

Experience is a great teacher and many people find they perform better in a workout after they've done it before. If you are choosing this route, we recommend you complete the workout on Friday night, either rest or do some light movement on Saturday, and retest either Sunday or Monday during Open Gym. DO NOT do the workout on Friday and come back in on Saturdays to retest the workout.

We do feel we've given you decent exposure to the Open workouts throughout our Open Prep Cycle. Use this (how you felt, how you recovered, etc.) to gauge what your body can handle.

Remember that rest is the often undervalued tool when it comes to fitness. Just because it's the Open doesn't mean we need to do more to get fitter (i.e. the Open workout should NOT be an addition to your regular training schedule).

If you have more questions about this, don't hesitate to ask a coach!


I believe that is all we have for right now. If you have any questions, please email me at caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com. We will continue to work out any kinks as we go! We thank you in advance for you participation in this year's Open with us and for your patience and understanding as we navigate together the challenges set for us this year!

-Coach Caitlin